2010 Global Breastfeeding Challenge

I was looking up breastfeeding resources one day and found a website that told about a challenge that took place on October 2nd in Canada back in 2001- it was essentially a "nurse-in" to support breastfeeding awareness. Since then, it has become worldwide, with 21 countries participating just last year.

I decided I wanted to be part of this challenge because I feel breastfeeding needs more recognition, acceptance and encouragement- and that our community could show it's support of breastfeeding families on a national, even GLOBAL level! So I registered the event on www.babyfriendly.ca and collaborated with the hospital where I was born & where I first received my mother's milk- to promote this challenge for anyone who wanted to be a part of it also :-)

I made a page on Facebook: 2010 Global Breastfeeding Challenge- Cedar Rapids, IA and left a box here on the blog for you to check out! This weekend's event is attached to the page and if you live in Iowa and want to join in on the world record, please feel free to RSVP.

A special thanks goes out to everyone that helped me get the word out about this challenge- I am grateful for your effort and praise you for speaking up for the cause! And if anyone else would like to have a flyer with all the challenge info on it, just let me know!

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