Gimp Tag Tutorial with "Charity Japan" Scrapkit

The devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan a couple weeks ago has claimed over 10,000 lives and injured thousand more while others are still unaccounted for... It is a tragedy and aid is needed for those afflicted. I recommend contacting the American Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/ because they will know what is needed and how you can help.

I made a tag with the kit "Charity Japan" from AW Designs which will be released April 1st and you can purchase it HERE or HERE. Wonderful kit! Thank you Annette :)

The tube used is by Popeye Wong and is FTU! You can find her at http://www.popeyewong.com

To get started:

1. Open new image 600 x 600, make transparent- LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA

2. Open as layers- paper 8 (pink) and scale layer to 500 x 500. Right click on layer and choose Alpha to Selction then go to SELECT>SHRINK by 50. Go to EDIT>CLEAR then SELECT>NONE.

3. Make a new layer. Use the rectangle selection tool to make a square inside the square you just made with the paper 8. Fill new layer with a light yellow color. Go to SELECT>SHRINK by 50 and EDIT>CLEAR and SELECT>NONE. Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE- settings at 20/20/20/0

4. Click on the paper 8 layer agian. Use the rectangle selection tool to make a tall rectangle that fits on top and bottom of that square. EDIT>CLEAR, SELECT>NONE

5. Open as layers paper 5 and scale to fit nicely behind the two other layers.

6. Open as layers element 19 (bamboo) to 121 x 218 and tuck between "gold" layer and paper 5 then duplicate and flip to put on other side.

7. Open as layers element 38 (pagoda), scale to 142 x 148. Place it also between the layers I just mentioned.

8. Next, I took the element 42 (bamboo) and scaled it to 136 x 137 and then duplicated it twice and stacked them on top of each other, then merged the 3 layers together to make one long bamboo pole... then places it over on the left side.

9. Open as layers element 23 (pink flower) and scale to 188 x 156. Place on left above the bamboo layer in step 8.

10. Open as layers element 17 (chopstick) and scale to 131 x 333. Duplicate then move copied layer in favorable position (I rotated mine by a little bit).

11. Open as layers element 35 (rice bowl) and scale to 135 x 81 then tuck behind chopstick's layer.

12. Add your tube of choice. I used Popeye Wong's "Beginning So Far" which I thought was perfect :) Scale your tube to appropriate size.

13. Open as layers the element dream 28 and resize to 106 x 103. Place in upper left corner.

14. Type in the text using your font of choice. I used "Yama Moto" at size 55.

15. Add drop shadows on the tube and pink paper 8.

16. Don't forget all the correct copyright information on your tag!

Thanks to the artist of the tube, she is perfect! xoxox

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