Lil Bit Emo Template and Tutorial

Hey... Here's a new freebie for you to enjoy! Go ahead and snag this template from 4shared by clicking on the preview.

Open it up in Gimp, then go get the scrap kit called Grunge It Up from 4Shared HERE.

Erase all elements but the Doodle, Paper 5, Jeweled Star String and the Staples. Move the Doodle element to the bottom layer. Resize it so it fits snugly around the template.

Next, right click in the layers box on the left white circle and click on Alpha to Selection. Duplicate the paper layer and move it so it is surrounding the white circle. While on the circle layer, go to SELECT>INVERT. Then click on the paper layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Repeat this process with the other white circle layer on the template. We'll worry about the other scrapkit layers later on, so just make them invisible for now by clciking on the little eye on eash layer in the layer box.

I love the blue haired Emo tube from Celine Bonnet! You can purchase her (in 8 different layers!) at http://www.mypsptubes.com/ This is how I used the tube:

1. open the tube as a new layer above all other layers and place it in a favorable position over the front white rectangle in the template.

2. right click on the white front layer and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>INVERT on template layer and EDIT>CLEAR on tube layer. This should leave you with the tube in the box only. If you mess up, just EDIT>UNDO until it is right.

3. lower the transparency to 47...

4. open the tube again as a new layer and resize by going up to LAYER>SCALE LAYER and get it set to 153 width by 393 height and place it in a favorable position on your template.

Make the staples layer from the scrapkit visible again and duplicate the layer then flip the copy. Place them on each side to look like they are holding together the template.

Grab the Grunge Masks from Creative Misfits HERE and use Crystal's second mask. Resize it to a size you feel comfortable with. While still on the mask layer, right click and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>GROW set the number to 2. Add a new layer and click on it. Then fill it with a blue shade. Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB. I keep the RGB levels set to 20 and the Alpha layer at 0.

Make the jeweled star string layer visible again and resize it by going to LAYER>SCALE LAYER. Set at 273 width by 59 height. Place it so it looks like it wraps around everything between it and the white front layer of the template.

I used the font called BULLET IN YOUR HEAD and for this, I recommend keeping the size between 60-80 depending on how long the name is... Right click the text layer in the layers box, and choose Alpha to Selection. Then SELECT>GROW to 2. Add a new layer, fill it with a shade of blue. Then add a drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROPSHADOW and set it at 5, 5 and 10. Chain link the 3 layers and click on the rotate tool in the tool box. Then tip your text so it's slightly diagonal. Move it so it's just where you want it.

The last step is don't forget to add the copyright information into your tag! Credit the artist and type in the artist's website as well as your license number if applicable :)

Your tag should be completed! Hope you had fun... Here's my tag :)

And here is one just for the artist! Check her blog out! http://www.celinart-pinup.blogspot.com/
Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this post or if you snagged the template! I would also love to see anything you made with this template or tutorial! Just leave me a note where I can go to see it :) Thanks! xoxox

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