LOVE Tutorial

To start off this tutorial, grab my LOVE Template HERE.

I used the tube named Leah- which is a free tube from Ismael Rac, pick her up at http://www.xeracx.net/

The kit is called "Love Letters" and made by AW Design and can be bought HERE.
The mask is Rose's Grunge Mask 2 which you can download from Creative Misfits.

And I made a special wordart for this, just right click it and save.


1. Open up the Mask and choose COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Resize to 690 x 595. Duplicate the layer and flip the copy. Go to COLOR>INVERT and then FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and the settings at 20/20/20/0. Click OK. Move the masks to the bottom layer.
2. Right click on the pinkboxfront layer in template and choose Alpha to Selection, then FILE>OPEN AS LAYERS the Love Paper 6. LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL and then resize by LAYER>SCALE LAYER to 500 x 500. Click SELECT>INVERT and make sure you are on the Paper layer then EDIT>CLEAR. The paper should be exactly the same size as the pinkboxfront layer in template. Delete that template layer.
3. Repeat step 2 but with the whitefront circle layer of the template and use Love Paper 1.
4. Open as layers the Love Sprinkes. Resize to 205 x 285. Then right click and choose Alpha to Selection and then to SELECT>GROW by 2 and then add a new transparent layer. Place this new layer below the Love Sprinkles and choose the bucket fill tool. I used a light grew color to fill. Next, go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and hit OK. Move these 2 layers under the pinkfrontcircle layer of the template.
5. Open as layers the Love Brush. Resize to 475 x 545. Move this layer above the Love Sprinkes and below the pinkfrontcircle.
6. Open the wordart I made and place it in the lower right corner. Then open the Love Heart and resize to 174 x 150. Place it around the wordart. Keep these layers above the Love Sprinkes also.
7. Open the Leah 3 tube and move it in place above the pinkbackcircle. Right click that layer of template and choose Alpha to Selection then SELECT>INVERT and make sure you are on the tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Set transparency by moving the slider above the layers box to 45. Open the Leah 2 tube and flip it then repeat the steps above but with the Love Paper 1 layer. Open the Leah 1 tube and resize her to 220 x 583. Place her in the appropriate place.
8. Open as layers the Love Frame and resize to 515 x 520. Move this layer below the pinkbox2 layer of the template.
9. Open as layers the Love Card and resize to 170 x 105. Place it in the appropriate area.
10. I added drop shadows to the following layers: Leah 1, Love Card, Love wordart, pinkfrontcircle & pinkbox2front. To do this, go to FILTERS> LIGHT AND SHADOW> DROP SHADOW and change the settings to 4/4/9.
11. Make your text with your choice of font and place it in the Love Card. I used Vladimir Script.
13. Use the rectangle select tool to crop the final product and go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION. Save your work.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'd love to see your take on it! You can send it to me HERE!
Thanks for viewing :) xoxox

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