NEED ANOTHER Freebie Template & Tutorial

Hey :) This is the first Gimp tutorial I am blogging! It is something most beginner Gimpers can do!

First we are going to start with this template... click on the preview and download from 4shared.

Open it in Gimp (which you can download from HERE) and add your choice of mask to the background. I chose some Grunge masks from Creative Misfits... The ones I used were Sabine's 2nd mask and Jenny's 4th mask. And this is how I used them:

1. open 1st mask and resize to fit in working space (just slighter larger than template) then click COLORS>INVERT and then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA which will leave the mask black and transparent. Move down to bottom layer by dragging the selection down in the layers box.

2. change the color of the 2nd mask by going to COLORS>COLORIZE and just moving the levels to where you want them to be. To add noise to the mask, click FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE. I keep the RGB levels usually set to 20 and the alpha usually set to 0. Move this layer to the bottom also.

The next step is to find a shamrock to dress up the tag. I just the font called kr_shams. But you can use any shamrock you want to use... I made the shamrock black then right clicked it in the layers box and clicked ALPHA TO SELECTION. Then with that selected, I went up to SELECT>GROW and changed the number to 4. I added a new layer and put it just below the shamrock layer. Then I picked a green shade and filled it with the bucket fill tool. If you duplicate the layer, you can add this over and over, wherever you see fit... But I only duplicated it once then used the flip tool to get the shamrock in the position I wanted.

For the BLACK FRONT layer of the template, I erased every other row and all you have to do to get that effect is go to FILTERS>DISTORT>ERASE EVERY OTHER ROW. Choose Rows & Even.

I got some wordart from Simply Siobhan's, which had to be changed to psd format in PSP before being able to be opened in Gimp. But it is the best Irish wordart I have ever seen, so it was worth all the trouble :) You can pick that up HERE!

I thought the Drink Up tube from http://www.xeracx.net/ was perfect for this tag! To get the face in the circles:

1. move the face of the tube above the circle layer and change the transparency to 60.

2. right click on circle layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.

3. go to SELECT>INVERT and make sure you select the tube layer then go to EDIT>CLEAR

If you screw up, just go to EDIT>UNDO until you get it right...

4. MAKE SURE to place the tube of choice's copyright info and license number if applicable on the tag.

Write your name or whoever's name you want on your tag. I used the Erin Go Braugh font and you can get that HERE. If you want to add a drop shadow to the font, like I did, all you have to do is click on FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW then lower the offset X to 4, as well as the offset y. And lower the blur radius to 8. Click OK...

Save your tag as a png file since it has a transparent background! I would love to see any tags you make with this! You can email it to me HERE! Or direct me to where you have it stored so I can see it! I hope you had fun making it :)

Here is the final product!


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 7 post on Mar. 03, 2011. Thanks again.