PiNk Tag Tutorial with "Sexy Phone" by Celinart

To make this tag in Gimp, you need to use my template- go HERE to download.

Get the FTU scrapkit "Pimp My Swag" you can get that from Designs by Vaybs HERE.

And I used the tube called "Sexy Phone" from Celinart, you need to purchase her at MPT HERE.

1. Open up template and then open as layers the "Pimp My Swag" kit. Get paper 18 and go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL... and duplicate the layer. Then right click on left black circle layer in template and choose Alpha to Selection. Click back on paper then go to SELECT>INVERT then click on the paper layer and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Repeat this step with the right black circle on template.

2. Open as layers DBV "Pimp My Swag" and element 19 then resize to 540 x 172. Duplicate and flip the copy. Keep these above the paper layers you just replaced the black circles with.

3. Get element 35 in the "Pimp My Swag" kit and resize to 574 x 425. Duplicate and flip the copy. Place under all layers.

4. Get element 56 in the "Pimp My Swag" kit and resize to 455 x 393. Duplicate and flip the copy. Move it above the layer you worked with in step 3.

5. Merge down the 4 layers- both of element 35 and both of element 56.

6. Use the rectangle select tool to crop off the bottom portion of the new merged layer. Just the part showing below the template. SELECT>NONE. Duplicate this layer. Then go to the rotate tool and plug in 180 and hit enter. Make sure this layer looks proportionate with the other.

7. Get the Celinart tube opened as layers and place in front of big pink layer in template. Then right click big black and choose Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT and then click on the tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Change the opacity to 58 or 59.

8. Open the tube layer up again as layers and scale layer to 201 x 360. Place appropriately.

9. Add your text of choice. I used a font called aaaiight in black then just added 2 transparent layers. Alpha to Selection the black text, SELECT>GROW by 2, click new layer and bucket filled with white then did it all again with pink. I added noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB and kept the settings at 20/20/20/0.

10. Add drop shadows to the tube that is whole (the one that wasn't cropped) and to the bottom (pink) layer of text. My settings usually stay at 4/4/9.


Hope you enjoyed this tut! I'd love to see your try! My email is to the left, feel free to send me the tag you made :) xoxox

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