Skullz Rock Gimp Tut

I made this tag with the kit "Skullz Rock" made by Crystal's Creations, which you can purchase HERE.
I used "She is Sexy" by Ismael Rac, you can pick her up at http://www.xeracx.net/

Let's get started :)

1. Make a new image- 640 x 400. Make it transparent by going to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.
2. Open as layers the blue Splot in the kit and resize to 235 x 320. We want to have 6 layers of this... so duplicate and flip. Then place the copy slightly apart from the other. Duplicate copy and rotate 90 degrees. Duplicate that layer. Have these 2 touch each other in the middle. Duplicate that one and flip it then duplicate again. It should look like a big ink splot now... so tell me what do you see when you look at it? lol just kidding...
3. Open the Wire in the scrap kit. Resize to 500 x 500 and center it over the splots.
4. Open as layers the pink flame- Fire 3. Resize to 165 x 315 and duplicate and flip. Spread them apart then add a drop shadow to both of them by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW and keep the numbers at 4/4/9
5. Use the rectangle selection to crop off the bottom of the wire.
6. Repeat step #3 with the black flames- Fire 4 in the scrap kit, but with these dimesions 185 x 247...
7. Open as layers Frame 5 and resize to 161 x 173, duplicate and place copy on other side.
8. Add Ribbon 2 to the frame. Resize to 168 x 46, duplicate and add to frame copy.
8. Open Frame 7 as a new layer and resize to 190 x 204. Center.
10. Add Ribbon 4 to the frame with dimensions of 192 x 52.
11. Make a black rectangle with the selection tool size 569 x 383 and move below the Frame 5 and the copy.
12. Open as layers Paper 5 and resize to 400 x 400 and then use the rectangle selection tool to crop the size of the black frame out. Go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR. Place behind Frame 7.
13. Open as layers SHE IS SEXY 1 and resize to 205 x 344. Add a drop shadow. Open as layers SHE IS SEXY 1 again and place behind Frame 5 and above the black rectangle. Duplicate and flip the copy then move behind the frame copy.
14. Open as layers Star 3 and resize 95 x 91. Open Star 2 - 76 x 73. Open Star 4- 94 x 93 and rotate just a tad bit. Move Star 2 & 4 to the right side.
15. Open the Skull cap and resize to 75 x 75 and place between Star 2 & 4.
16. Open Skull 2 and resize to 104 x 79, and place on left side.
17. The font is SKULLPHABET. I used size 45 and a blue shade. Then added a layer and on the name layer, right clicked and Alpha to Selection then to SELECT>GROW by 2 and then clicked on the new layer and filled with white. Repeated and filled with black. Then chained the 3 layers together and tilted the text.
19. Crop your tag and save as png.
I hope you enjoyed this tut! If you appreciate the photos, please let me know... cuz I will continue using them :) xoxox

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  1. Awesome!! I wished you had been around when I had GIMP..lol!!