B&B Template and Tutorial

Click the template above to download from 4shared & please leave me a comment if you do :) xoxox

Here is a tag from me with a Gimp tutorial using this template and the kit I made called Birds & Bees, which you can purchase at Twilight Scraps. The poser is included in this kit and is made by the very talented Amber Stroupe and her blog is http://silentmiseries.blogspot.com :)

Let's get started!

1. Open the template up and recolorize the Lgreysquare and Rgreysquare to a shade of yellow.

2. Get the mask #412 from Insatiable Dreams. Open it and then go to COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Then open up Paper14 from the Birds & Bees kit. Add alpha channel to the paper. Then right click back on the mask layer

in the layers box and choose Alpha to Selection. Go to SELECT>INVERT and click on the paper layer and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Keep this as the very bottom layer.

3. Open as layers hearts2 and scale layer to 374 x 334. Duplicate then position both layers in appropriate areas. Move these layers above the mask/paper layer in step 2.

4. Open as layers ricrac4, then rotate it so it is parallel to Lblacksquare in template. Duplicate this layer several times (I made 5 copies of it- total of 6) and position each copy slightly below the last. Merge all the ricrac layers you made. Use the Fuzzy Select tool to get the Rblacksquare selected, click on the Lblacksquare in layers box and then hold down the shift key and fuzzy select that too so both squares will be selected. SELECT>INVERT, EDIT>CLEAR... Choose the Change the opacity of this layer to 50.

5. Open as layers Lissa pose 1. Scale layer to 2485 x 2544 then tuck between leftcircle and blackLcircle in template. Use the Ellipse Select tool to frame within the leftcircle. Go to SELECT>INVERT while on the pose 1 layer and then EDIT>CLEAR. Change opacity to 50.

6. Redo all the above in step 5 but with Lissa pose 2 and on the rightcircle/blackRcircle.

7. Open Paper3 and Paper6 in the kit. Right click on the leftcircle in layers box and choose Alpha to Selection. Click on the Paper3 layer to make it active and add an alpha channel to that layer. Then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Do this again with the rightcircle in the template with Paper6.

8. With both these circles, I right clicked on them and Alpha to Selection. Then went to SELECT>SHRINK by 5. I created a new layer and used the bucket tool to make it black. I thought it looked really good this way :)

9. Add babyB and daddyB from scrapkit... Resize to at least half their size, and position where you like them.

10. Open as layers Lissa pose 3 and scale to 524 x 534. Place in middle of template on top layer.

11. Add drop shadows to Lissa pose 3, Paper3 and Paper6. I kept it at 8/8/15.

12. I used a font called Fishbowl for the name on my tag. I typed it in white, grew by 1, filled the new layer with black, filled by 2 and filled it with yellow. I added noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE and 20/20/20/0. I also added a drop shadow and kept it at 8/8/15.

13. When using the Lissa poser, part of the TOU in the kit say to always credit the artist. SO DON'T FORGET TO ADD YOUR COPYRIGHT INFO!

Hope you enjoyed the Gimp tutorial. I'd love to see your go at it!! My email can be found on the right side of my blog, or just leave me a link to view it.

Thanks so much for checking out this tutorial :) xoxox

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Apr. 07, 2011. Thanks again.