"Bewitched" Gimp Tutorial with FTU kit "Gothic Cutie"

This is a tag almost any beginner Gimper can make...

All you need is to get the tube "Bewitched" made by Katerina Koukiotis at Dreamscape Imaging (which requires a license to use) HERE.

And you will need to download the FTU kit made by Crystal's Creations called "Gothic Cutie" HERE.

Let's get started.

1. Create a new image- size 800 x 800.


3. Open as new layer your tube.

4. Open as layers the moon from the scrapkit. Position it behind the tube layer.

5. Open as layers the bob (barb) wire layer. Go to LAYER>SCALE LAYER to 539 x 83 and position at bottom part of the tube, but in front of the layer.

6. Open the red rose layer in scrapkit and resize to 137 x 124. Then duplicate it and flip it. Place the roses in the right places above the barb wire layer.

7. Next, you want to use the color picker tool to get a shade of red from the roses. Then create a new layer and use the rectangle selection tool to frame exactly around the size of the tube layer. Go to SELECT>GROW by 10. Then use the bucket fill tool to fill this new selected layer.

8. Add noise by FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0.

9. Open the blood splot in scrapkit and place in corner. Duplicate and flip the copy, then place the copy in the corner diagonal from where it is now.

10. Type in your text of choice in white. I used the font called Pristina. Add a new layer, then on the text layer right click in layers box and choose alpha to selection. Then SELECT>GROW by 2 and fill the new layer with the same color you used in step 7... add noise to this layer if you like (I did).

11. Add drop shadows to the text, the new layer you made in step 7, the roses, the barb wire and the moon.

12. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD YOUR COPYRIGHT INFO! Add the copyright symbol, the artist's name and website as well as your license number to use the tube.

13. Using the rectangle selection tool, crop your work. Then to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. Save as an .xcf in case you need to come back through and fix something. Then save as a .png

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks so much for looking :) xoxox

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