Forum Set Tutorial with Celinart Pinup

No kit is needed for this set.

I used the tube "My Panties" by Celinart, which you can purchase at My PSP Tubes HERE.

Let's get started with the banner.

1. Open up a new image- size 600 x 250.

2. Bucket fill with black, then go to FILTERS>ARTISTIC>APPLY CANVAS and choose the bottom right option with depth of 4.

3. Add new layer and fill with black. Right click and choose Alpha to Selection. Go up to SELECT>SHRINK by 10.

4. Add new layer and fill with a red shade- I used the color picker tool and got the color from the tube but almost any shade of red will work great. Next, right click on that layer in layers box and choose Alpha to Selection. Then go up to SELECT>SHRINK by 8. Then go to FILTERS>NOISE RGB NOISE and keep the settings at 20/20/20/0.

5. Open your tube. Make another copy of it by clicking the duplicate layer button in layers box. Then make the copy invisible because you will work with it in the next step. On the active tube layer, flip it and position under the black frame layer you made in step 3. Move the opacity slider in layers box to 30.

6. Make that layer of the tube visible again... and go to LAYERS>SCALE LAYER to 342 x 749. When I scale an image, I usually go very little bits by bits so that the images stays in the viewing area and just to make sure I didn't scale it too far down. Duplicate this layer and flip the copy. Make sure these layers are under the black frame layer you made in step 3.

7. Add a new layer. Take the rectangle select tool and make a rectangle from the left side to the right... fill with the same red color as before, or any shade of red you prefer. Move it under the two tubes but above the one in the background. Change the opacity to 29.

8. Use the text tool to create a black dotted line all the way across the rectangle. I just used the period to do this... You can space it out so it's at the top and bottom of the rectangle by line spacing selection while typing it out. Or if it's easier duplicate it and position the copy where you want it and merge the 2 layers together.

9. Use the text tool to create another text layer. I wrote the word kiss over and over to fill the top side of the rectangle. Then wrote the word this and spaced it out so it fit perfectly over the dotted line. I used the font called TOOTLEBUG. Make sure this layer is under the tube layers...

10. Write in your name with your font of choice. I used a black Berlin Sans FB Bold. Then added a new layer. I right clicked on the black text layer and chose Alpha to Selection. Then went up to SELECT>GROW by 2. Click on the new layer and fill it with a pink color from the tube.

11. DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ON YOUR TAG. This usually includes the copyright sign, the artist's name, their website, and any license numbers.

12. Save your work but don't close it...

Let's make that avatar. It is pretty easy now that you have the banner done. Delete your text layers of your name and then just crop out a good size rectangle. Add a new layer with the black and another with the red, like you did in step 3 & 4. Scale the image by going to IMAGE>SCALE IMAGE to an appropriate avatar size (mine is roughly 200 x 200). Then add your text layer over again like you did in step 10. For the copyright information, most just ask to have their name, not their website listed, as well as license numbers to use their art. So don't forget to include this in your avatar...

Hope you had fun! I'd love to see anything you've made using this tutorial, feel free to send it to my email- which is listed in my TOU :) xoxox

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