Gimp Tutorial "Spring is in the Air"

For this tag, you will need to purchase the beautiful kit from AW Designs called "Spring Awakes" HERE or HERE. It is available after April 15th :) I wanted to show the preview of this kit for you to see how many great elements there are with it!

I used the tube "Spring is in the Air" by Katerina Koukiotis, which at the time of purchase, I got from Dreamscape Imaging. However she is no longer there :(

The wordart I used is made by me, snag it HERE!

And I used a mask from Melissaz Creationz, which you can go HERE to get :)

Let's get started!

1. Create a new image- 900 x 900, go to LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.

2. Open up paper 9 in scrapkit, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.

3. Open your mask (14) from MC and resize to 720 X 720. Go to COLORS>INVERT. Then LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Right click on mask layer in layers box. Alpha to Selection. Click on paper 9 layer in layers box. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR. Delete mask layer and SELECT>NONE. Then change the opacity to 60 for the new mask layer.

4. Open paper 13 in scrapkit, repeat step 2, but resize to 700 x 700.

5. Open flower frame (item 19 in scrapkit) amd resize to 756 x 751. Use rotate tool and get the flowers more on the left side.

6. Use circle selection tool to crop the paper out. Frame the frame, then click on the paper layer then SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.

7. Now you want to open the little swirly thing in the scrapkit (18) and scale it down to 412 x 314. Flip it and then duplicate and flip. Duplicate again and rotate 180 degrees then duplicate this layer and flip it (total of 4 of these swirly things)... Maneuver them so they stick out between the paper layer and new mask layer. It took me a bit to get them how I liked them, so just be patient LOL :)

8. Next, add your tube underneath your flower frame layer. I kept both layers of her and you'll see why here in a second... With the tube that has no basket, add a drop shadow by FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROPSHADOW and I had the levels at 4/4/9. Then add a drop shadow to your flower frame with the same settings. Lastly, the tube with the basket will fit on top of all these layers, creating some depth to the tube layer and making her dress look like it's flowing off the frame.

9. I opened the ladybug (item 23) in the scrapkit and scaled it to 50 x 60 and rotated it a bit.

10. Open as layers item 39 in scrapkit and resize it to 353 x 473... Place it under the tube layers and make it so it looks like the butterfly from the tube is setting on it. Then crop off the bottom portion so it doesn't show.

11. Add the wordart but resize it down and use the perspective tool to get it to bend a bit... Rotate it too a lil bit if you want. Then add a white drop shadow with settings at 2/2/5.

12. Add your text to your tag. I used the font Tingle Institute in white then added a new layer and used the color picker tool to get a shade from the tube and bucket filled that into the new layer. I added noise by FILTERs>NOISE>RGB NOISE and the levels stayed at 20/20/20 and 0. Then I rotated the text, merged the 2 layers and went to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL with the thickness at 5. Then I added a black drop shadow to this still with settings at 2/2/5.

13. Remember to add your copyright information to your tag!

14. Use the rectangle select tool to crop out your tag. Go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. Save as .xcf in case you need to come back in and change something, then save as .png.

I hope you had a good time with this tutorial, thanks for looking :) xoxox

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