Sexy Template Tag Tutorial

For this tut, I used my template "Sexy" which you can find HERE.

I used the awesome FTU scrapkit by Tamie at Addictive Pleasures called Playbunny 2011.

And the Naughty Bunny tube by Ismael Rac and you have to have a license for her... If you choose to use her, you can purchase at http://www.xeracx.net/

The font I used is called 2Peas Heart's Delight.

Let's get started :)

1. Open up the template. Remove background layer and my credit info.

2. Open as layers glitter in scrapkit and resize to 535 x 535 and duplicate and flip the copy. Place these layers on the bottom of the layers box. Position them so you think it looks good...

3. Open as layers Paper 11 in scrapkit and position above white circle layer. Add an alpha channel. R click on whitecircles layer in temp. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT. click on paper layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Remove white cirlce layer.

4. R click on blackbar on template. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>SHRINK by 3. Open as layers Paper 3. Add alpha channel. SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.

5. Click back on blackbar in template. Add noise. FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE 20/20/20/0

6. Open as layers Eyelet Ribbon and position over Lblacksq in temp. Duplicate and place over Rblacksq. Then use rectangle tool to cut off these 2 layers above the word sexy in template.

7. Open as layers the pin in scrapkit. Duplicate and flip then position on each side of the blackbar.

8. Open up tube of choice. Frame her inside the word sexy (front) in template. Duplicate and flip. Open it again and rezize and duplicate and flip. Pick which ones you want in front. Then right click on those layers and Alpha to Selection, and then click on the tube behind and go to EDIT>CLEAR. This may take a few tries to get it the way you want it exactly. I also made the layer new layer invisible to help me achieve what I wanted, then made it visible again when I was done. Add noise to the new layer.

9. Open up the tube one more time and scale it down so it fits just right in the middle of the tag... For this particular tube, I scaled it down to 183 x 342.

10. Add the heartlinks from the kit and scale to 644 x 89.

11. Add the text of your choice in white. I used my name, then grew it by 2, added a layer and filled with black then added another layer and filled with the color i picked from the tube's hair.

12. Do not forget to add your copyright info, and license number if applicable!

Thank you for looking, hope you enjoyed the tut :) xoxox

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