Freya & Funky Punky Emo Gimp Tutorial

This is a tag that almost any beginner Gimper can make :)

All you need is the following:

The kit called Funky Punky Emo by Crystal's Creations- you can get that by visiting her blog HERE (grab the freebie add on in the blog train while you're there)

The tube of your choice. I used Freya Langford Sidebottom's tube called Harmageddon, which requires a license to use from Dreamscape Imaging, and you can purchase it HERE.

The mask # 384 from http://insatiabledreams.net

Let's make that tag!

1. Open up paper 2 from the kit. Go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL

2. Open the mask as a new layer. Resize 600 x 600. Go to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Then right click on this layer in layers box. Choose Alpha to Selection. Then you want to click on the paper layer to make it active. And go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR. SELECT>NONE to deselect. You should now have the shape of the mask with the paper. Delete the original mask layer.

3. Use the circle selection tool to make a circle inside this new mask you made. Add a new layer and fill it with black to make the circle. Then while it's still selected, go to SELECT>SHRINK by 20 and then hit EDIT>CLEAR. Deselect. Right click on this hoop (hollow circle) layer you made. Choose Alpha to Selection. Then go to SELECT>GROW by 5. Add a new layer. Fill this new layer with a teal color. Go to FILTERS> NOISE>RGB NOISE and keep the levels at 20/20/20/0. Deselect. Add a drop shadow to this layer. Keep the settings at standard. 8/8/16 is fine.

4. Open as layers the funky punky dots from the kit and resize to 658 x 606. Duplicate this layer then rotate the copy 90 degrees. Keep these 2 layers behind the mask layer.

5. Add your tube. This tube comes with an awesome close up that I put inside the frame we made with the circle in step 3. Just flip and position her where you like it then use the circle selection tool to crop out the excess, then tuck this tube layer between the drop shadow and paper/mask layer we made in step 2. With the full standing tube, add a drop shadow with 4/4/9 as your settings.

6. Open as layers the electric (lightning bolt) from the kit and resize to 127 x 370.

7. Open as layers the chain (music note charm) from the kit.

8. Open as layers the skull star and resize to 157 x 156.

9. Open as layers the brad (blue one) and then take these 4 layers you just opened and position them on top of one another :)

10. DON'T FORGET YOUR COPYRIGHT INFO, add the name of the artist, website and any license numbers you have!

11. Add your text. I used a font called Battlelines. Then I grew it by 2, added a new layer and filled it with black, grew that layer by 2 and added another layer and filled with the teal color we used in the circle hoop frame from step 3 then gave it noise and finally, added a drop shadow of 4/4/9.

12. Save your work as a .xcf if you make a mistake you can go back and fix it. Then save it as a .png. Make sure you have a transparent background when you do- just click on the background layer and then go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.

I hope you had fun making this tag :) xoxox

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