"A Rose in Poisoned Rain" Tag Tutorial for Gimp

For this tag, you will want to get the scrapkit called POISONED RAIN which was created by Wicked Princess Scraps and can be purchased HERE or HERE.

You will need your tube of choice. I am using the art of Cha Chas which is a free download from My PSP Tubes, however it does require a license to use, which you get by registering... just click HERE.

You also want to snag all those awesome and free Circle Masks from the Creative Misfits! You can get them HERE!

Let's get started :)

1. Create a new image. Make your canvas 800 x 800. It should come up with a white background. Go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to get it transparent.

2. Open as layers your tube. Delete all layers except the credit and the cut out tube.

3. Open as layers paper 11 from scrapkit and go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>ADD ALPHA CHANNEL then got to LAYER>SCALE LAYER to 500 x 500. Keep this behind tube layer.

4. Open as layers Bling Bracket from scrapkit. Place it to frame the tube but behind it... then use the magic wand tool and click inside this bracket. Go to SELECT>GROW by 3. Then click on the paper layer to make it active and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Your paper should now be inside the bracket only!

5. Open as layers the Splatter from kit. Flip it. Then position that first splatter to top right corner. Make this the bottom layer. Duplicate and flip the copy. Move the copy to the left top side of the bracket. Then merge both the splatter and it's copy. Duplicate that and then use the rotate tool and rotate to 180 degrees. Move this to the bottom part of the bracket.

6. Open up the mask- It's in Aqua's folder and it's # 140. Resize to 700 x 700. Go to COLOR>INVERT and then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Then we're gonna make it the same pink as the paper... so just go up to COLORS>COLORIZE until you find a good shade. Add noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE and settings at 20/20/20/0. This mask layer will be in the very back (bottom) layer.

7. Open as layers the Necklace from kit and resize to 287 x 258. Position it over the tube's neck.

8. Open as layers the Chrone Swirl from kit and resize to 297 x 200. Duplicate and flip copy. Move these to cover the cut edges of shoulders of tube.

9. Open as layers the Heartbow and resize to 98 x 92. Place this on a part of the chrome swirl. Then duplicate and flip the copy and place on alternate side.

10. Take the credit info from the tube, add your license number to it and right click on the text layer. ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>GROW by 2 and add a new layer. Fill this layer with white. Position your credit info so it is easily legible.

11. Type in the text you want. I used a font called Vanessa. And just like in step 10, I made 2 new layers and filled weach one. First was a light grey and second is picked with the dropper tool to get the color from the paper. Add noise to the pink color. Then click on grey text layer in layers box to make it active. Go to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL and 5 for thickness. Click on the pink text layer again and then add a drop shadow byt FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW and put the settings at 4/4/9. Link all your texts and position them appropriately.

12. Add a drop shadow to your tube witht the same settings.

13. Use the rectangle selection tool to crop your image then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. SELECT>NONE then save your image. Save as an .xcf so you can go back in if you need to change anything. Save final copies as .png.

Thanks for viewing this tut, hope you liked it :) xoxox

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