I greatly appreciate any donations ♥ as it will continue to help me offer more freebies


I ran into a few scrapkits without sand and needed sand, so here is my best (for now) attempt to make sand LOL.

I made a PSD file in full size that has both fullsize and taggersize png files attached. Terms of use are simple... Don't share as a stand alone product, just send them to my blog to download if they want it by itself... And credit my blog when you use it in your scrap kits!

Click on preview above to download from 4shared. If you like this freebie, leave me a message saying so! I get tons of you all downloading but maybe one in 50 says thanks. So be nice and let me know if you like it :) xoxox


"Watermelon Hearts" Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you'll wanna pick up the very beautiful and colorful PTU kit called WATERMELON FANTASY by Creative Scraps by Crys. It is available in full size and taggersize... Check out how to get that HERE.

I used this perfect fairy PTU tube by Janna Prosvirina called BLEEDING HEARTS, which requires a license to use. Go to Dreamscape Imaging to get it!

I used 2 FTU masks by Brutal Designs. They are in packs 2 & 3, but you will LOVE all the mask packs she has over there! Go NOW and check them out :)

And I used a FTU template from the fairytales pack over at Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts, just click HERE to snag that.

This tag is for experienced Gimpers!

Let's get started.

1. Open template. Delete bottom (white) layer. Alpha to Selection- temp- frame 3. New layer. Fill with a deep pinkish red. Add noise. Delete original frame 3. Alpha to Selection- temp- frame 2. New layer. Fill with light green shade, add noise. Delete original frame 2. The same with frame 1 in temp.

2. Alpha to Selection on circle 1. Add layer. Grow by 3. Fill with same light green shade. Add noise. Repeat with circle 2. For circle 3, fill it with the deep pinkinsh red shade and add noise.

3. Open as layers paper 13. Add alpha Channel. Alpha to selection on circle 3 layer. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR while paper layer is active. Open as layers paper 15. Add alpha Channel. Scale to 700 x 700, duplicate, flip. Link two papers and center then merge. Alpha to Selection circle 1 and 2. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR while paper layer is active. Open paper 1 as new layer. Add alpha Channel- use in next step.

4. Open as layers mask 7. COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR while paper layer is active. Delete original mask layer. Open up mask 17. COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Colorize to dark green. Add noise. This mask above the paper mask.

5. Open as layers paper 11. Add alpha channel. Scale to 400 x 400. Alpha to Selection square 3 in temp. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR while paper layer is active. Open paper 6, add alpha channel, scale to 400 x 400 and duplicate then position each above square 2 & square 1. Merge paper layers. Merge square 2 & square 1, then Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR while paper layer is active. Delete original template layers.

6. Colorize the DREAMS and TRUE layers of wordart to that watermelon color. Colorize DO COME layer of wordart to black. Colorize all back layers of wordart white. Add a drop shadow. Merge the wordart layers. Make invisible for now.

7. Open as layers the tube of choice. Scale down tube 2 layer. Desaturate. Duplicate and flip, position appropriately. Merge these two layers. Alpha to Selection the paper 6 layer. SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR the tube layers. For the tube 1 layer, make invisible for now. Keep the tube credit info handy. Delete any other layers that opened with tube.

8. Open as layers bow 4 and scale down. Place on left side, duplicate and flip. Place on right side.

9. Open as layers butterfly scatter 2.

10. Open as layers grass, scale down a bit, duplicate and flip. Merge these two layers. Duplicate and flip the copy, place accordingly.

11. Open flower 3, duplicate and flip.

12. Open flowers 2, duplicate and flip.

13. Open roses, duplicate and flip.

14. Open watermelon 2 and scale to 255 x 167. Add drop shadow.

15. Make tube 1 layer visible, bring to the top. Add drop shadow.

16. Open Flowers 4 and scale to 150 x 154. Duplicate and flip.

17. Open watermelon slice and scale to 80 x 38, add drop shadow.

18. Make wordart visible and bring to top layer.

19. Open snail as new layer and scale to 83 x 82. Add drop shadow.

20. Use your copyright info to correctly credit the source of the art. Copyright symbol, artist's name and website, along with your license number must be clearly legible.

21. Add text. I used a FTU font called Lexi by MissTiina fonts, you can read her TOU by clicking on the left sidebar on my blog- where her little sticker is. I did text that light green shade, grew selection by 2, filled with white and linked two layers, rotate and then add drop shadow to white text layer.

22. Crop using rectangle select tool.

23. Save your file as a .xcf so you can go back and make changes if necessary. When satisfied with what you made, save as .png

Thanks for viewing this tut :) xoxox


A Little Love Cluster Frame Freebie & Tut

Here is a freebie frame for personal use only that you can use for tags! I made it with the kit called "A Little Love" by AW Design that you may purchase HERE. If you want to download this freebie cluster frame, just click the preview above to go to 4shared and please leave a thank you if you do :)

And below is the tag I made using the frame above, which also uses a FTU tube by Maxine Gadd called Musk Rose. You need a license to use her art and the tube and license can be found HERE.

I am going to include a quick tutorial!

1. Open frame.

2. Add tube layer II.

3. Color pick a pale beige for foreground color, use the shade from the lightest flower in tube. Color pick a pink shade from darker part of flower for background color.

4. Add the element 20 from scrapkit. Use ellipse tool to crop out excess- SELECT>INVERT, EDIT CLEAR. SELECT>NONE.
5. Use Ellipse select tool to frame within frame. Add new layer, fill with foreground color. SELECT>NONE.

6. Add another layer and fill this selection with background color. Go to FILTERS>DISTORTS>ERASE EVERY OTHER ROW and ROWS EVEN ERASE. Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with 20/20/20/0.

7. Add another layer and fill it with foreground color, add noise and erase every other row. Then make a selection within frame with ellipse tool again and go to SELECT>GROW by 10 and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. SELECT>NONE. This is now your very bottom layer in layer box, I would call it the mask... Move opacity slider to 50%.

8. Add correct copyright info- symbol, artist, artist's site, along with your license number if applicable.

9. For the text, I used a font called Dreamed About You. I right click, SELECT>GROW by 2 filled with shade I color picked from lipstick of tube. Add a drop shadow- FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROPSHADOW 8/8/15.

10. Save as an .xcf so you can go back in and make changes if need be. When satisfied, save as .png

Thanks for viewing this post, hope you liked it :) xoxox


Jehsee Template Freebie

Jehsee was last week's featured artist of the week over at Dreamscape Imaging, so I made this tag and tag template for the tag contest they have going on over on their Facebook page... You can click on the preview to download from 4shared, and if you like it and download, please leave a thank you here on my blog :) xoxox

"Pink-E-Kate" Gimp Tag Tutorial

This tag you'll want the FTU template I made- grab it HERE.

The scrapkit THINK PINK EMO by Crystal's Creations, which you can purchase from any of her stores. It is part of an 8 kit bundle and might be something you'd like, just click HERE to check it out.

And the stunning PTU tube "Kate" by Elias Chatzoudis, which requires a license to use and you can get both at PTE.

Let's get started...

1. Open template. Go to IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE and change to 800 x 800 for adequate working space, you may want to zoom in at times, but it is so much better to have more room than not enough. Delete background, preview label and copyright info.

2. Open paper1 from kit. Right click in Layers box, Add alpha channel. Position it above the 9 in template.

3. Right click on 9 in layers box. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT, click on paper layer. EDIT>CLEAR.

4. Open as layers the pink splate (ele4) from kit. Rotate 80 degrees, set to upper left corner of template, behind layer 14. Duplicate and drag other layer to bottom right corner.

5. Open as layers ele39 from kit, set above layer 1 in template. Keep at bottom of template.

6. Open as layers ele3 from kit, rotate -47 degrees. It will go diagonally from bottom left to top right.

7. Open as layers ele16, scale to 111 x 507. Move to right side of template. Add drop shadow (FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 8/8/15)

8. Open as layers your tube of choice. Add drop shadow to this layer also.

9. Add your copyright info to tag, with correct copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable. This is also a good time to save as .xcf so you can go back in and make changes if you must.

10. Open as layers ele28 and scale to 98 x 344. Add drop shadow.

11. Open as layers ele15, scale to 137 x 140. Position above the keychain hoop.

12. Open as layers ele1 and scale to 121 x 67 and put over on right side of template.

13. Add text. I used a font by MissTiina fonts (check left sidebar) called Notebook in a shade piced from the star in center of template... Add noise (FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE 20/20/20/0) Then I added 2 layers and right clicked text layer, SELECT>GROW by 2, filled 1st new layer with black and repeated grow and filled 2nd new layer with grey. Add noise to this layer too. Then add drop shadow with same settings.

14. Save once more as .xcf and then save as a .png!

Thanks for viewing this tutorial! Hope you liked it :) xoxox


Template Freebie "Kate"

I made this template to use with the Elias tube called "Kate" and will give a Gimp tag tutorial this week, so come back around and check that out. But for now, just click on the preview and download this template from 4shared! And as always, please leave me a thank you here on my blog if you like it and download :) xoxox


Working Momma with a Newborn- My Story

When I had my son in 2003, I knew very little about motherhood. I knew literally nothing about breastfeeding. I just fed him every time I thought he might be hungry, which was often. He was such a little piggy LOL!

When he was only 3 months, I was being trained to be a CNA... I started out part-time and felt able to continue breastfeeding, as I had a good supply and kept a good reserve for him. But I recieved my CNA certificate and picked up hours at work, and had times where I had to pump at work. I didn't know that I could have the choice for an extra break to do this, so I spent my ONLY break pumping pretty much on a daily basis. It became quite overwhelming. I felt that breastfeeding wasn't going well anymore, he spent more of his waking hours with a bottle than with my breast...

I went 6 months breastfeeding exclusively and felt that I had done well, but knew at that time it might just be easier to begin supplementing. So I did and by the time he was 8 months, I had dried up. He seemed healthy at that time so I never had a concern.

As I look back though, I see the mistakes I think I made. I should have found more resources for breastfeeding and gotten opinions from other breastfeeding mommas. I might have felt that I could have offered him breastmilk longer and felt more confident if I had reached out more. I also think that it would have possibly helped him with some of the developmental delays that we noticed when he was about a year of age. Perhaps if I had continued breastfeeding, he would have reached more milestones on time. These are things I frequently think about. I wish I could redo some of my choices back then, I wish I knew what I know now.

With my daughter- who is currently 16 months of age- I was fortunate enough not to have to return to work. My husband provides for us so I may be able to stay home with the children. I am so lucky to have this choice now and it has kept our breastfeeding relationship going strong.

I appreciate mothers out there that can tackle it all! They are so amazing and an inspiration to me. It can be so stressful, juggling all the responsibilities that come with being a mommy. Sometimes you have to give up something to make something else better, and if it's to improve your family's life, there is nothing wrong with that. So here's a HUG to all mommas out there that are trying to do their best for their families!


"Well Hello Kitty" Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will need:

Well Hello Kitty Tube by Gary Rudisill, found at PTE & it requires a license to use, which you can purchase HERE.

Well Hello Kitty Scrapkit by Wicked Princess Scraps, purchase it HERE.

The template I made just for this tag, you can get it HERE.

I used FTU mask #293 from Insatiable Dreams, and a FTU Circle mask #139 by Aqua- you can get in the pack over at Creative Misfits HERE.

And today I went over to Miss Tiina fonts and got a few awesome fonts (Lexi is the one I'm using in the tag)- which are ok for personal/commercial use, with proper credit, so I included her button to the left side of my blog... if you want to learn more about her TOU, go HERE.

This tutorial is for more experienced Gimpers :)

1. Open up template. Delete copyright. Right click on the template part called bottomRpurp in layers box and Alpha to Selection. Then go to FILTERS>DISTORTS>BLINDS and click on the transparent box then set the displacement to 36 and the number of segments to 76. Then right click and repeat on topLpurp, bottomLpurp and topRpurp.

2. Open as layers mask #293 from Insatiable Dreams. Scale to 740 x 740. COLOR>INVERT, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Move this layer to the bottom of layers box.

3. Open as layers mask #139 by Aqua and scale to 800 x 800. Repeat color and transparency as said in step 2. Colorize to a lilac/purple shade. Have this above other mask in layers box.

4. Open as layers paper9 from kit. Right click and Add Alpha Channel... Then right click on Insatiable mask and Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT, clcik on paper lyaer to make active. EDIT>CLEAR. Now your mask is made with that paper. Delete original mask, keep this paper mask.

5. Open as layers tube of choice. The tube I used has 3 layers. The close up layer I placed to the right of blackbar in template. The medium sized tube I placed in the middle of the blackbar in temp. Right click on the medium one, Alpha to Selection then click on the close up to make it active and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Merge the medium and close up tube layers. Then move the opacity slider to 60. Right click on the blackbar layer and Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT and click on the merged tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. They will only appear within the bar now. For the 3rd tube- the full bodied one- just line it up accordingly. Add drop shadow- 8/8/15.

6. Open as layers anglebowed from kit and set behind the bar layers in template. Scale to 512 x 566. Then right click Alpha to Selection. Here is a screenshot of where you will want to crop out- the red area. Just use the lasso tool (free select) to crop this area. Then delete the merged tube layer, blackbar and silverbar layers so the ribbon is above this area only.

7. Open as layers blingrain from kit. Duplicate. Move above the top black and bottom black. Use rectangle select tool to crop a square. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Then use the eraser tool to erase any excess sticking out beyond the limits...

8. Open as layers the doodles. Scale to 426 x 414. You will want to rotate them and place it above the bottomRpurp in temp. Duplicate and flip the copy. You will want to rotate this one a bit too. Move above the topLpurp in temp.

9. Open as layers doubleheartblingstring in kit. Rotate 90 degrees.

10. Open as layers feet and flip the layer. Add drop shadow. Merge feet, drop shadow and doubleheartblingstring layers. Move to bottom of tag. Use the rectangle select tool to crop out beyond limits. Use the eraser tool to clean up any excess.

11. Open as layers rose from kit. Scale to 106 x 98. Duplicate and flip, leaving a bit of space between. Merge these two rose layers. Duplicate and flip layer. You will add the lips to both these layers and place them on opposite sides of tag. Add drop shadows to both rose layers.

12. Open as layers lips, scale to 86 x 85. Place between the rose layers. Duplicate and flip, add to other rose layers. Add drop shadows to both lips.

13. Open as layer petals, scale to 182 x 144 and duplicate then tuck behind the rose/lips layers.

14. Don't forget to add your copyright info to your tag. Include copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable.

15. I wrote the name out in a light shade of pink. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>GROW by 2 and add new layer, fill with black, grow by 2, add new layer, fill with white. Link 3 layers and rotate then add a drop shadow to white text layer...

16. Use the rectangle select tool to crop your tag. If you have a white background, make sure to delete it. Save as .xcf so you can come back and make changes if needed. Save final copy as .png!

Hope you like this tag tutorial! Thanks for viewing :) xoxox


Well Hello Kitty Template Freebie

I made this template for a tube by Gary Rudisill called Well Hello Kitty, that is at PTE and if you want to go check it out, just click HERE. I will be putting up a tutorial very soon using this template and that tube, so come back and check it out soon!

Click the preview to download from 4shared... Please read the TOU on the right panel in my blog before downloading and leave a thank you here on my blog to let me know you liked it and you downloaded :) xoxox

"Silly Dreamer" Tag Tutorial

I made this tag with the breathtaking art of Julie Fain, which you can find at her website HERE. The tube was tubed by SheWolf and is FTU, provided by The Zone Groups.

The scrapkit I used is by Creative Scraps by Crys and is called Silly Little Hippos and can be purchased HERE or HERE.

The FTU template I used is from Amy & Leah's Gimptastic Tuts and you can get it HERE. I loved the wordart it came with!

I also used a FTU mask #419 from Insatiable Dreams.

Let's get started!

1. Open a new image, 800 x 800 and go to LAYER>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent.

2. Open as layers the template #53 from Amy & Leah's blog. Delete the white background layer, square 2, square 1 and credits layers.

3. Open paper 8 from scrapkit as a new layer. Right click on it in the layers box and choose Add Alpha Channel. Right click and scale to 600 x 600. Move the paper to left side of canvas. Duplicate and flip the copy and move to right side. Right click on circle 1 of template in layers box and choose Alpha to Selection then click on paper layer in layers box to make it the active layer. Go to SELECT>INVER and EDIT>CLEAR. The paper should now be the circle... Repeat this step with circle 2. When you have this done, you can delete the original circles from template. Then merge your 2 paper circles you just made. Right click on this new layer and Alpha to Selection. Go to SELECT>GROW by 4 and add a new layer, then fill this new layer with a plum color. SELECT>NONE.

4. Open the mask as a new layer. Scale to 631 x 631. Then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Move to left side then duplicate and flip the copy. Position the copy on right side. Merge these two layers when you have them where you like... Save as you go.... Save as .xcf so you can go back in and make changes to the layers if needed.

5. Open as layers paper 20 from kit- right click- add alpha channel and then right click in layers box on the mask layer from previous step. Alpha to Selection. Click on the paper layer again. SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Then add noise- FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0. Delete previous mask layer since this is now your mask layer.

6. Click on wordart, go to COLORS>COLORIZE and make it a lilac hue and then click the wordback layer and colorize that to a purplish hue also. Merge the layers and add a drop shadow. FILTER>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW- 3/3/8. Merge these 2 layers.

7. Open as layers the stars from scrapkit and place in front of the circle layers you worked with in step 3.

8. Circle1#1 was colorized to lilac hue and ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>GROW by 4 and added new layer which was filled with a light grey and add noise.

9. Open as layers your tube of choice. Right click the layer we worked with in previous step ALPHA TO SELECTION and click on tube choice and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.

10. Open as layers the heart cloud. Duplicate and flop then line up as shown.

11. Open as layers bubble4 and scale to 77 x 76 and place randomly around the tag. Add drop shadows with 3/3/8 to each one.

12. Open butterflies as a new layer and scale to 355 x 284... Set over on left side of tag around the wordart.

13. Open as layer butterfly and scale to 123 x 117. Place over on right side of tag.

14. Make sure your copyright information is clearly legible- copyright symbol, artist's website and any license info must be included if applicable.

15. I used a font called Champagne in a medium purple. Added a layer, filled with light grey, added noise and added a drop shadow.

Use the rectangle tool to crop out your tag. IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. Save as .png

Thank you for viewing :) xoxox


Elias Island Party Girl Tag Tutorial

This tag is one most beginner Gimpers can do! You will want the kit called Island Party by Crystal's Creations, which can be found at any of her stores.
I used the PTU tube called "Celestine" of Elias Chatzoudis. You can find his artwork at PTE, and it does require a license to use.

Let's get started!
1. Open a new image- 900 x 900. Go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make transparent.
2. Open as layers paper5 from kit. Right click on it in layers box. Add alpha channel. Then use the ellipse tool to make a circle in it. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Then go to SELECT>GROW by 12. Add a new layer and place it under this layer in layers box. Fill with a shade of blue. Then go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE and levels at 20/20/20/0. SELECT>NONE. Add drop shadow to the noise circle- FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels a 8/8/15.
3. Add as new layer element25. Scale to 525 x 430 and move to bottom right side of circle we just made. Duplicate it and move the duplicate to the left bottom side of circle. Merge these two layers together, then duplicate. Drag that layer above to cover the top portion of the circle. Merge down with other confetti layer. Then right click on paper circle layer and choose Alpha to Selection. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Now this confetti should only be within the paper circle.
4. Open up element11 as new layer and scale to 383 x 530. Add a drop shadow.
5. Open as layers element7 and scale to 411 x 345. Duplicate, flip the copy. Give both these flowers drop shadows.
6. Open as layers element9 and scale to 296 x 248. Duplicate, flip the copy. The pink flowers should be in front of orange. This also is a perfect place to save. Save as a .xcf so if you need to come back and change anything- layer by layer- you can!
7. Open as layers element23 and duplicate it. Merge the layers of this element together to "thicken" it up. Then duplicate and flip the copy. Scoot this copy a bit to the right and then merge the sand layers again. Right click on the layer and choose Alpha to Selection. Then click on the paper circle layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Click on the noise circle layer and EDIT>CLEAR. Also the drop shadow layer from the circle. You might have to use the rectangle tool to crop out any excess hanging out under the sand layer.
8. Open as layers your tube of choice. Scale to 460 x 430. Add drop shadow.
9. Add your copyright info- copyright symbol, artist's name, website and your license number. Make sure it is legible.
10. Open as layers element13 and scale to 55 x 160. Place it just above her hand. Then zoom in very very close. Use the eraser tool to erase where her hand is. The bottom of the drink is what is getting erased. It will look as if she is is holding it. It helps if you change the opacity of the object to see thru it- where you'll want to delete.
11. Add your name or text to the tag. I used a font called Pusab in a hot pink color. Then I added another layer. Right clicked on text layer, Alpha to Selection. Then SELCT>GROW by 2. Fill the new layer in with white. SELECT>NONE. Click on the hot pink text layer to make it active and add noise. Click on the white text layer and add a drop shadow.

I hope you liked this tutorial! Thank you for viewing :) xoxox


"Eternal Summer" Tag Tutorial Using Gimp

I made this tag with the kit called Junipers Flowers, by AW Design and you can get it HERE.

I used a wonderful PTU tube by the talented Helena Reis, which requires a license to use, and you can purchase her art and obtain a license at

I also used 2 FTU masks by Insatiable Dreams.

Let's get started!

1. Open a new image. 900 x 900.

2. Open up paper1, paper2, paper3 and paper9 from scrapkit- each as a new layer. Then right click on them one at a time in the layers box and choose Add Alpha Channel. Then right click on one at a time and choosle Scale Layer and scale them each to 900 x 900. Except paper9- scale it to 600 x 600. Click the little eye to make all the papers invisible- except paper9 for now.

3. Open as layers masks 101 and 108 from Insatiable Dreams. Move both these layers to the bottom in the layers box. Mask 108 should be the very bottom layer (above background). Go up to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA and then we'll leave them for later, so click the little eye to make them invisible for now.

4. Right click on the paper9 and choose Alpha to Selection. Go to SELECT>SHRINK by 35. Then EDIT>CLEAR. You have a frame now.

5. Open up the tube of choice. Move it to the right side so the wing is tucked just barely underneath the frame you just made. Then add a drop shadow (FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW) with 8, 8, 15.

6. Add drop shadow to the frame also, with same levels.

7. Use the rectangle tool to crop within the frame/paper9. Then click on paper3 in layers box to make it active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR. Move the opacity slider in layers box to 63.

8. Click the eye on the papers and masks again... We're gonna get them ready :) First, bring the mask up to the top so you can see the scale of it and adjust it correctly. Scale mask 101 to 635 x 647. Right click and Alpha to Selection. Then click on the paper2 layer to make it active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. And position this below the paper3 in layers box. Repeat these steps with mask 108 and paper1. However, 662 x 659 should be better dimensions for this mask. After you have your masks changed to the papers, you can delete the original mask layers.

9. Open as layers element22 in kit and right click and scale layer to 310 x 382. Position to right bottom side of frame and add a drop shadow. Duplicate this layer, move to bottom left side of frame then flip it and add a drop shadow it it also.

10. Open as layers element20 and scale to 903x911 then get the free select tool and just go around any flowers protruding out of the frame and crop them off.

11. Open as layers element35 and scale to 899 x 304. Line up the left side of this element with the left border of the frame. Then use the rectangle tool to crop off what hangs over on the right side of the frame.

12. I opened as layers paper7 and right clicked Alpha to Selection and scaled to 900 x 900 and then wrote out the text using a font called Blue Cabin. I right clicked on the text layer, Alpha to Selection then clicked on the paper layer to make it active then SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. The paper is now the text, so I deleted the text layer. I added another layer and went to SELECT>GROW by 3 and filled it with a light beige color. Then I added a drop shadow.

13. Don't forget to add the correct copyright info. Use the copyright symbol, the artist's name and website and also use your license number if applicable. Artists need to have correct recognition for their work!

Thank you for viewing this tutorial :) xoxox

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression- My Story

I have two beautiful children, who mean the world to me. When I was in kindergarten, I said in the year 2003 I would become a mother, that was the first thing I wanted to do with my life... I wrote this in a school memoir (they asked what they'd do in 2003) and found it just last month! I had my son in 2003, which I find ironic :) I love my children so much. I know they are the reason that I get up every morning and want to live a normal and boring life LOL!

When I had my daughter last year, I had a really hard time feeling like a loving caring happy mom. I knew I had postpartum depression and being the knowledge junkie I am, I sought out a depression support group online, which I found at Cafemom. I was able to talk about my feelings freely and openly and connect with other moms who could say they felt the same way. They had authors in the group answering member's questions and I found that talking about my concerns with my depression, it became more easier to deal with. I refused to jump on the med wagon- because I breastfeed and didn't want any chance of the meds passing into her system. So talking/therapy was my best option.

Breastfeeding wasn't easy in the least bit. She had latch problems from the beginning. It was often quite uncomfortable. My supply was low, due to my thyroid condition, and my depression probably. I felt that we were not prepared for this child, she was referred to as a mistake in my mind a few times, I just felt no real connection with her... How could I so lovingly breastfeed this stranger? Would I ever develop a bond to her like I had with my son?

I was positive that I must continue and persevere. I offered her my breast every two hours, she made it a part of her schedule. Slowly our bond began to grow, as she grew day by day... I started seeing a therapist. I wrote several posts with my breastfeeding concerns in the Breastfeeding Moms group on Cafemom. I looked up info about breastfeeding, and came across the Quintessence Foundation. They have an annual GLOBAL challenge and I felt that the challenge would be a great place to put my focus. I wanted to help other moms with similar concerns and promote breastfeeding as much as I could because I knew it was the right thing to do. I organized my local challenge last year and am working on this year's challenge also.

I also found graphic art right around my daughter's birth and immersed myself in it, learning how to make signature tags and templates. Art was the best stress reliever that I found. It seems no matter my mood, I can rely on finding a way to break thru it by getting creative... I think that shifting your focus is often the best remedy to depression. And believe in yourself- that by offering this liquid gold, you are an amazing sacrificing mother and you will make it because you know how important it is to you... and to your innocent child. Just knowing that can keep you going.

I am still breastfeeding my 16 month old toddler. She is absolutely healthy and gorgeous! I am still dealing with symptoms of depression, but we have developed a strong bond. I am actually thankful, in a way, for being put thru all this. It has brought our family closer. It has made me stronger. I am still learning and finding my way. I am happy to have my family. I love my babies!

Yay! I Recieved Another Blog Award!

I am honored to say I recieved a blog award from my friends Amy & Leah over at and also from my friend Terri at Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!

This award is to acknowledge blogs that rock.
If you know a blog that rocks and want to give them this award then send them a message that says "Your Blog Rocks!!"
Since we have accepted this award we must pass it on to 5 other people that we think have rockin blogs.
There are no rules to this award. Only that you send it to 5 people that you think deserve this award. Just make sure you leave them a message.

The 5 blogs I think ROCK are:
1. Scrap Rebellion
2. Unsaid Things
3. HippieDaze Scrappin' Stuff
4. Scraps by Randy's Sin

It was hard to choose just 5! Thanks again to Amy & Leah as well as Terri for handing the award over to me and my little blog :)


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