"Eternal Summer" Tag Tutorial Using Gimp

I made this tag with the kit called Junipers Flowers, by AW Design and you can get it HERE.

I used a wonderful PTU tube by the talented Helena Reis, which requires a license to use, and you can purchase her art and obtain a license at www.mytagart.com

I also used 2 FTU masks by Insatiable Dreams.

Let's get started!

1. Open a new image. 900 x 900.

2. Open up paper1, paper2, paper3 and paper9 from scrapkit- each as a new layer. Then right click on them one at a time in the layers box and choose Add Alpha Channel. Then right click on one at a time and choosle Scale Layer and scale them each to 900 x 900. Except paper9- scale it to 600 x 600. Click the little eye to make all the papers invisible- except paper9 for now.

3. Open as layers masks 101 and 108 from Insatiable Dreams. Move both these layers to the bottom in the layers box. Mask 108 should be the very bottom layer (above background). Go up to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA and then we'll leave them for later, so click the little eye to make them invisible for now.

4. Right click on the paper9 and choose Alpha to Selection. Go to SELECT>SHRINK by 35. Then EDIT>CLEAR. You have a frame now.

5. Open up the tube of choice. Move it to the right side so the wing is tucked just barely underneath the frame you just made. Then add a drop shadow (FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW) with 8, 8, 15.

6. Add drop shadow to the frame also, with same levels.

7. Use the rectangle tool to crop within the frame/paper9. Then click on paper3 in layers box to make it active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR. Move the opacity slider in layers box to 63.

8. Click the eye on the papers and masks again... We're gonna get them ready :) First, bring the mask up to the top so you can see the scale of it and adjust it correctly. Scale mask 101 to 635 x 647. Right click and Alpha to Selection. Then click on the paper2 layer to make it active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. And position this below the paper3 in layers box. Repeat these steps with mask 108 and paper1. However, 662 x 659 should be better dimensions for this mask. After you have your masks changed to the papers, you can delete the original mask layers.

9. Open as layers element22 in kit and right click and scale layer to 310 x 382. Position to right bottom side of frame and add a drop shadow. Duplicate this layer, move to bottom left side of frame then flip it and add a drop shadow it it also.

10. Open as layers element20 and scale to 903x911 then get the free select tool and just go around any flowers protruding out of the frame and crop them off.

11. Open as layers element35 and scale to 899 x 304. Line up the left side of this element with the left border of the frame. Then use the rectangle tool to crop off what hangs over on the right side of the frame.

12. I opened as layers paper7 and right clicked Alpha to Selection and scaled to 900 x 900 and then wrote out the text using a font called Blue Cabin. I right clicked on the text layer, Alpha to Selection then clicked on the paper layer to make it active then SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. The paper is now the text, so I deleted the text layer. I added another layer and went to SELECT>GROW by 3 and filled it with a light beige color. Then I added a drop shadow.

13. Don't forget to add the correct copyright info. Use the copyright symbol, the artist's name and website and also use your license number if applicable. Artists need to have correct recognition for their work!

Thank you for viewing this tutorial :) xoxox

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