"Pink-E-Kate" Gimp Tag Tutorial

This tag you'll want the FTU template I made- grab it HERE.

The scrapkit THINK PINK EMO by Crystal's Creations, which you can purchase from any of her stores. It is part of an 8 kit bundle and might be something you'd like, just click HERE to check it out.

And the stunning PTU tube "Kate" by Elias Chatzoudis, which requires a license to use and you can get both at PTE.

Let's get started...

1. Open template. Go to IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE and change to 800 x 800 for adequate working space, you may want to zoom in at times, but it is so much better to have more room than not enough. Delete background, preview label and copyright info.

2. Open paper1 from kit. Right click in Layers box, Add alpha channel. Position it above the 9 in template.

3. Right click on 9 in layers box. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT, click on paper layer. EDIT>CLEAR.

4. Open as layers the pink splate (ele4) from kit. Rotate 80 degrees, set to upper left corner of template, behind layer 14. Duplicate and drag other layer to bottom right corner.

5. Open as layers ele39 from kit, set above layer 1 in template. Keep at bottom of template.

6. Open as layers ele3 from kit, rotate -47 degrees. It will go diagonally from bottom left to top right.

7. Open as layers ele16, scale to 111 x 507. Move to right side of template. Add drop shadow (FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 8/8/15)

8. Open as layers your tube of choice. Add drop shadow to this layer also.

9. Add your copyright info to tag, with correct copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable. This is also a good time to save as .xcf so you can go back in and make changes if you must.

10. Open as layers ele28 and scale to 98 x 344. Add drop shadow.

11. Open as layers ele15, scale to 137 x 140. Position above the keychain hoop.

12. Open as layers ele1 and scale to 121 x 67 and put over on right side of template.

13. Add text. I used a font by MissTiina fonts (check left sidebar) called Notebook in a shade piced from the star in center of template... Add noise (FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE 20/20/20/0) Then I added 2 layers and right clicked text layer, SELECT>GROW by 2, filled 1st new layer with black and repeated grow and filled 2nd new layer with grey. Add noise to this layer too. Then add drop shadow with same settings.

14. Save once more as .xcf and then save as a .png!

Thanks for viewing this tutorial! Hope you liked it :) xoxox

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