"Well Hello Kitty" Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will need:

Well Hello Kitty Tube by Gary Rudisill, found at PTE & it requires a license to use, which you can purchase HERE.

Well Hello Kitty Scrapkit by Wicked Princess Scraps, purchase it HERE.

The template I made just for this tag, you can get it HERE.

I used FTU mask #293 from Insatiable Dreams, and a FTU Circle mask #139 by Aqua- you can get in the pack over at Creative Misfits HERE.

And today I went over to Miss Tiina fonts and got a few awesome fonts (Lexi is the one I'm using in the tag)- which are ok for personal/commercial use, with proper credit, so I included her button to the left side of my blog... if you want to learn more about her TOU, go HERE.

This tutorial is for more experienced Gimpers :)

1. Open up template. Delete copyright. Right click on the template part called bottomRpurp in layers box and Alpha to Selection. Then go to FILTERS>DISTORTS>BLINDS and click on the transparent box then set the displacement to 36 and the number of segments to 76. Then right click and repeat on topLpurp, bottomLpurp and topRpurp.

2. Open as layers mask #293 from Insatiable Dreams. Scale to 740 x 740. COLOR>INVERT, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Move this layer to the bottom of layers box.

3. Open as layers mask #139 by Aqua and scale to 800 x 800. Repeat color and transparency as said in step 2. Colorize to a lilac/purple shade. Have this above other mask in layers box.

4. Open as layers paper9 from kit. Right click and Add Alpha Channel... Then right click on Insatiable mask and Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT, clcik on paper lyaer to make active. EDIT>CLEAR. Now your mask is made with that paper. Delete original mask, keep this paper mask.

5. Open as layers tube of choice. The tube I used has 3 layers. The close up layer I placed to the right of blackbar in template. The medium sized tube I placed in the middle of the blackbar in temp. Right click on the medium one, Alpha to Selection then click on the close up to make it active and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Merge the medium and close up tube layers. Then move the opacity slider to 60. Right click on the blackbar layer and Alpha to Selection. SELECT>INVERT and click on the merged tube layer and EDIT>CLEAR. They will only appear within the bar now. For the 3rd tube- the full bodied one- just line it up accordingly. Add drop shadow- 8/8/15.

6. Open as layers anglebowed from kit and set behind the bar layers in template. Scale to 512 x 566. Then right click Alpha to Selection. Here is a screenshot of where you will want to crop out- the red area. Just use the lasso tool (free select) to crop this area. Then delete the merged tube layer, blackbar and silverbar layers so the ribbon is above this area only.

7. Open as layers blingrain from kit. Duplicate. Move above the top black and bottom black. Use rectangle select tool to crop a square. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Then use the eraser tool to erase any excess sticking out beyond the limits...

8. Open as layers the doodles. Scale to 426 x 414. You will want to rotate them and place it above the bottomRpurp in temp. Duplicate and flip the copy. You will want to rotate this one a bit too. Move above the topLpurp in temp.

9. Open as layers doubleheartblingstring in kit. Rotate 90 degrees.

10. Open as layers feet and flip the layer. Add drop shadow. Merge feet, drop shadow and doubleheartblingstring layers. Move to bottom of tag. Use the rectangle select tool to crop out beyond limits. Use the eraser tool to clean up any excess.

11. Open as layers rose from kit. Scale to 106 x 98. Duplicate and flip, leaving a bit of space between. Merge these two rose layers. Duplicate and flip layer. You will add the lips to both these layers and place them on opposite sides of tag. Add drop shadows to both rose layers.

12. Open as layers lips, scale to 86 x 85. Place between the rose layers. Duplicate and flip, add to other rose layers. Add drop shadows to both lips.

13. Open as layer petals, scale to 182 x 144 and duplicate then tuck behind the rose/lips layers.

14. Don't forget to add your copyright info to your tag. Include copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable.

15. I wrote the name out in a light shade of pink. Alpha to Selection. SELECT>GROW by 2 and add new layer, fill with black, grow by 2, add new layer, fill with white. Link 3 layers and rotate then add a drop shadow to white text layer...

16. Use the rectangle select tool to crop your tag. If you have a white background, make sure to delete it. Save as .xcf so you can come back and make changes if needed. Save final copy as .png!

Hope you like this tag tutorial! Thanks for viewing :) xoxox

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