Working Momma with a Newborn- My Story

When I had my son in 2003, I knew very little about motherhood. I knew literally nothing about breastfeeding. I just fed him every time I thought he might be hungry, which was often. He was such a little piggy LOL!

When he was only 3 months, I was being trained to be a CNA... I started out part-time and felt able to continue breastfeeding, as I had a good supply and kept a good reserve for him. But I recieved my CNA certificate and picked up hours at work, and had times where I had to pump at work. I didn't know that I could have the choice for an extra break to do this, so I spent my ONLY break pumping pretty much on a daily basis. It became quite overwhelming. I felt that breastfeeding wasn't going well anymore, he spent more of his waking hours with a bottle than with my breast...

I went 6 months breastfeeding exclusively and felt that I had done well, but knew at that time it might just be easier to begin supplementing. So I did and by the time he was 8 months, I had dried up. He seemed healthy at that time so I never had a concern.

As I look back though, I see the mistakes I think I made. I should have found more resources for breastfeeding and gotten opinions from other breastfeeding mommas. I might have felt that I could have offered him breastmilk longer and felt more confident if I had reached out more. I also think that it would have possibly helped him with some of the developmental delays that we noticed when he was about a year of age. Perhaps if I had continued breastfeeding, he would have reached more milestones on time. These are things I frequently think about. I wish I could redo some of my choices back then, I wish I knew what I know now.

With my daughter- who is currently 16 months of age- I was fortunate enough not to have to return to work. My husband provides for us so I may be able to stay home with the children. I am so lucky to have this choice now and it has kept our breastfeeding relationship going strong.

I appreciate mothers out there that can tackle it all! They are so amazing and an inspiration to me. It can be so stressful, juggling all the responsibilities that come with being a mommy. Sometimes you have to give up something to make something else better, and if it's to improve your family's life, there is nothing wrong with that. So here's a HUG to all mommas out there that are trying to do their best for their families!


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  2. Thanks for the hug, sending one back!!! <3