Breastfeeding Resources

Are you in need of breastfeeding info? Want to know where to look? Here's some places I recommend!

1. The Breastfeeding Moms group on Cafemom! The ladies in here are VERY supportive and will encourage you to continue thru the weak moments, when you think you're gonna give up. I am very thankful for this group, it has helped me NUMEROUS times.
2. LactMed. This database will inform you of trials that have been completed with each drug and the outcomes. It gives accurate information and is always up to date. Great for anyone that has to take prescription medication! I think it's always best to check things out yourself and not just trust what others say.
3. The Quintessence Foundation. They encouraged me to start a local competition for the annual global record they have. We placed 99th globally for Largest Site! My local site has a Facebook page, it's link is to the right of my blog... Feel free to like that page! I want to say to other breastfeeding mommas to look into this and either find their closest local competition OR start one if they can't find one. You can also count yourself from home! Check it out :)
4. Infant Risk Center by Dr. Hale. This webforum along with helpful articles is a multitude of knowledge.
5. The Peaceful Parenting blog. This blog is fun, relaxed and promotes natural parenting techniques. I love reading the posts on there :)
6. Kellymom is the number one source I hear referenced.
7. La Leche League International is another site that is used by breastfeeding mothers round the world and has local support groups!
8. The World Health Organization says, "Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond." And has all the statistics in one place to look thru.
9. Your local WIC office (you can find an alphabetical list of state offices HERE). The website says, "WIC participants who reported having received advice to breastfeed their babies from the WIC clinic were more likely to breastfeed than other WIC participants or eligible nonparticipants."
10. Your local Health Department, or their website geared for women's health HERE. There often is a certified lactation specialist that works at your county health department and can help you find resources in case you need more!

These are the sites I have used for resources and I have found alot of support and help by visiting these sites, so I hope you may find them helpful also!

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  1. This is a great list of resources! Thanks so much for sharing it on the hop!

    Next week is World Breastfeeding Week. I hope you'll link up again!