"My Dad Rocks" Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you can use any photos of your choice! It is a tag to commemorate Dad... I used photos of my main squeeze and our two lil munchkins. These are photos taken by me!
You will want the PTU kit Daddy's Special Day by Creative Scraps by Crys, which you can find HERE.
While you're over there, pick up the FTU template Crys made HERE.
And grab the mask pack I have on my blog HERE because I used the wavy mask in there :)

Let's get started.
1. Open a new canvas, size 800 x 800. Go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make background transparent.
2. Open up as new layer paper 3 in kit. Right click this layer in layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.
3. Open up as new layer the masks. Delete the top and bottom layers, you want to use the WAVY mask. Right click on this layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION and then click on paper 3 layer of kit to make active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and then EDIT>CLEAR. The paper layer now should be your mask layer. So delete the original wavy mask layer, then duplicate the new paper mask layer. We'll come back to this in a bit.
4. Now you need to open up as new layer the template. Delete Raster 1, 3, 4, merged and 6. Then colorize Raster 2 to a medium to dark blue, and add a drop shadow (FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3, 3, 15). Right click on Raster 5 in layer box, choose ALPHA TO SELECTION. Make a new layer and make your color box have a light turquoise blue as foreground and a medium/dark blue as the background color. Click on the BLEND TOOL and check settings- make sure the shape is spiral cw, then starting from middle to the the upper left corner draw a line. The text should now be the blended colors... Add noise. FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOSIE with settings at 20/20/20/0. SELECT>NONE and delete the original Raster 5 layer from template. Use the eraser tool to erase the stars that are a part of this layer, if you like, at the bottom... Then right click and ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>GROW by 2. Add new layer and fill with white. Add a drop shadow with same settings used as above.
5. Open as layers frame 4 in kit. Scale to 330 x 207. Add drop shadow.
6. Open as layers grass #1 in kit and scale to 250 x 208, duplicate and place on each side.
7. Open as layers frog 2 in kit and scale to 148 x 172 , place accordingly. Add drop shadow.
8. Open as layers boat in kit and scale to 185 x 121. Add drop shadow.

9. Open as layers fishing pole and scale to 153 x 338. Add drop shadow.

10. Open as layers bow 2 and scale to 122 x 55 then duplicate and flip and place accordingly. Merge bow layers and add drop shadow.

11. Go back to the mask layers and make sure that you can see it on both top and bottom. so just put one above the other just slightly. Or you can grow just the one if you'd like. Just use the slider for opacity on the top and move it to about 50% if you use both.

12. Open as layers the photos you want to use. Right click on each layer and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL. Then use the rectangle or ellipse tool to crop out excess. Make the selection and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Repeat per photo. This may take a couple tries, but it gets easier as you do it.

13. When you're done, add your tag name and any copyright info if necessary. Use the rectangle select tool to crop your tag. Make selection, then IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. Save as .xcf so you can get back in and make changes as necessary and save as.png when you're satisfied.

Thanks for viewing this tutorial! Hope you like what you saw :) xoxox

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