S.S. Steampunk Fairy Gimp Tag Tutorial

I am a big fan of Sarah B. Seiter and put in a tube request over at The Zone Groups and there it is. I just look at it in awe LOL thank you so much Mona, for tubing this gorgeous fairy! Sarah's art can be found at Deviant Art and a couple of her tubes are available over at The Zone Groups :)

I used a kit called Cornelia Marie Quincy by Wicked Princess Scraps which is currently on SALE!!!! HERE and HERE!

This tag should be something even beginner Gimpers can do! Let's get started!

1. Make a new image- size it 600 x 600. Go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make background transparent.

2. Open as layers the patio fence. Scale to 235 x 396. Duplicate and flip. Place them together in the middle, overlapping the center. Merge these 2 layers.

3. Open the pansy and scale to 92 x 345, then LAYER>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 90 degrees and place on right side of fence. Duplicate, flip copy and place copy on left side of fence. When they're places, merge these 2 layers.

4. Open the rosevine. Scale to 192 x 321. LAYER>TRANSFORM>FLIP VERTICALLY then duplicate and flip. Set these in the middle of the fence. Merge the 2 layers.

5. Open the tube of choice. For this piece of art, I scaled it to 696 x 354. Place accordingly.

6. Open photobracket. Scale to 67 x 67.

7. Open fragipini flower. Scale to 88 x 123. Go to COLORS>COLORIZE, levels at 353/23/13 and then OK. Go to COLORS>BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST and set the levels at -60/-5. This flower should now be a dusky rose hue. Place it on top of photobracket. Merge the flower and photobracket layers. Duplicate and flip. Move this copy BEHIND the tube layer. Then duplicate the copy. Move this copy IN FRONT OF the tube layer. Right click on tube layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION. Click on merged flower/bracket layer in layers box that is IN FRONT and go to EDIT>CLEAR. Now the fairy's wing looks as if it's peeking up over a bit.

8. Place your correct copyright on your tag, include the copyrigth symbol, artist's name and website as well as license numbers, if applicaple.

9. I used a font called Vivaldi Italic Condensed size 60 in white. I used the picker tool to get the blue shade from the tube. Right click the text layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION then add a new layer and fill it with the blue shade you picked. Add noise- FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE 20/20/20/0 and then add a drop shadow- FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW 3/3/15. Click on the white text layer once more, go to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL with thickness 5 and work on copy checked.

10. Use the rectangle select tool to crop your image, make the selection and while marching ants are showing, go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.

11. Save as a .xcf file so you may come back and redo things if necessary. When satisfied, save as .png

Thank you for viewing this tutorial :) xoxox

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