Punk-A-Licious Cluster Frame Gimp Tutorial

For this tag, you will want to use the cluster frame I made using the kit called Punk-A-Licious by Crystal's Creations. It is offered on my blog, click HERE to go to that post.

The PTU kit will be found by following THIS LINK.

I used FTU mask #16 by Witchy's Heart and it can be found HERE.

The PTU tube is by the extremely talented Zlata M and can be found at PICS FOR DESIGN :)

Most Gimpers can do this...

1. Just open up the cluster frame and delete the top layer and bottom layer.

2. Open as layers element punkee3 from scrapkit and rotate 165 degrees. Move over to left side of frame so it's just poking out then duplicate this and flip the copy. Move the copy so they look even across the top. Merge these two layers then duplicate. Go to LAYERS>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 180 degrees then just move this copy into place on the bottom half of the frame. Merge them when they're all perfectly set. Keep this layer at the bottom of your layer box.

3. Open as layers paper10. Right click, ADD ALPHA CHANNEL. Right click and scale to 700 x 700.

4. Open as layers mask 16 from Witchy's Heart. Right click and scale to 800 x 800. Then go to LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA. Right click on this layer again in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION. Then click on paper10 layer in layers box to get that layer active. Go to SELECT>INVERT and then EDIT>CLEAR. The paper10 layer is now your mask, so go ahead and delete the original mask layer. Keep this layer above the layer we worked on in step 2.

5. Open as layers paper9 and right click and scale to 700 x 700. Then use the ellipse tool to make a circle that is in the black/starred area of the cluster frame. Go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Place this paper layer directly behing the cluster frame layer.

6. Open tube of choice. With this tube, I deleted the following layers- pants, finger, red hair, tattoo1, tattoo2, black nails, & red nails. I used the eraser tool to get the other green fingernail off. Merge the rest of the layers of the tube together. Then scale to 381 x 740. Place behind cluster frame. Duplicate this layer and put the copied layer directly above the cluster frame layer. While on the top layer, use the ellipse tool to crop around a good portion of the upper body, but trying not to get onto the flame part of the cluster frame. Then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR. Here is a photo to let you know what I am talking about...

7. Use the rectangle select tool to crop off the bottom portion of the tube on the original tube layer... Here is a pic to show you what I mean.

8. Add a drop shadow to the bottom tube layer by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW and the settings at -8/-8/15.

9. Make sure to have the copyright information be legible- copyright symbol, artist's name and website should always be used when using someone's art, unless their TOU state otherwise. And make sure to include your license number if applicable (When you buy tubes, and you have to get a license, this means EVERYTIME you use art purchased from that site, that you MUST use your special license number). 99% of PTU tubes will require using a license number.

10. I used a font called THUG and I color picked the purple and green from cluster frame. Added RGB noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE levels at 20/20/20/0 Right click on this purple text layer, alpha to selection... SELECT>GROW by 3 and add a new layer, fill with white. Merge these 2 text layers together. Go to FILTERS>DECOR>BEVEL>thickness at 5. Then right click on this layer and alpha to selection... SELECT>GROW by 3 and add a new layer. Fill with green. Add noise to green text layer. Add a drop shadow with levels at 8/8/15.

11. Save your work as .xcf so you can come back in and make changes if need be... otherwise, when satisfied, save as .png and you're done! You got a kick ass tag!

Hope you liked this tutorial :) xoxox

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