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October O'Scrap CU Candy Corn Freebie

This pack comes with one PSD template to make your own customizable candy corn and one premade purple candy corn png.  Read the TOU in the download, as this is my creation and you are downloading a copy of it, not the rights to the image.   Estimated size is 800 x 800 and 72 DPI.  If you download, leave a comment on my blog letting me know you like this freebie :)  xoxox



Free Halloween Wordart

Here is some wordart that I made exclusively for Siggy Showdown, however it accidently was forgotten and I wanted to make sure that there was a way for some to get use out of it in time for Halloween tags and projects.  Each wordart is a PSD file and is customizable.  It is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  So just click the preview to download and if you do, please be the one out of 100 and say thanks for the freebie!

Jeepers Jack! Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will want the kit called Jeepers Creepers which will be release October 1st by Crystal's Creations
I used two Halloween masks from Creative Misfits, which you can get HERE
And your tube of choice, in this case I used this Jack (from Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton) tube drawn by Wednesday Law, which is FTU and can be found at The Zone Groups and you can see all of Wednesday Law's art at

Let's get started :)
1.  Open a new canvas 800 x 800 and go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA
2.  Open as new layers Melissa's mask 2 (scale to 800 x 800) and Myth's mask 17.  We want to make these layers transparent so go to COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA then for Myth's mask, go to COLOR>COLORIZE and set it at a light green shade.  For Melissa's mask, go on to next step.
3.  Open as new layers from scrapkit, scale to and place appropriately (in order from bottom to top layers):
paper 2
(PP2-after adding alpha channel, right click Melissa's mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click back on pp2 layer to make active.  Go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR.  Now delete original mask layer)
paper 1
(use ellipse select tool, crop circle then go to LAYERS>CROP TO SELECTION,  ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>SHRINK by 30 and for PP7 and PP9 layers, SELECT>GROW by 8)
paper 9
(PP& & PP9 add noise.  FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with levels at 20/20/20/0)
paper 6
element 30
element 40
element 32
(ELEMENT32- scale to 80 x 101 and duplicate twice for 3 total and flip/rotate)
element 10
(ELEMENT10- scale to 264 x 250)
element 20
(ELEMENT20- scale to 136 x 143)
element 3
(ELEMENT3- scale to 134 x 104)
4. Open as new layer your tube of choice.  Scale down to correct size and do not forget to add copyright info.  Copyright symbol, artist's name, website should be good credit.  Some artists require license info also.  This artist does not.
5.  Add drop shadow to most layers by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/2 and you can also do it again on a couple elements to the left side with settings at -2/2/2.
6.  I used a font called bone thin then right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION and added a new layer, with which I filled black.  Then I added a purple drop shadow with settings at 8/8/15.
7.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop your image.  Go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Then save your image as .xcf so you can return and make corrections if need be.  Otherwise save as .png when satisfied.

Hope you enjoyed this tag and tut!  Thanks for viewing :) xoxox


Gimp Tag Tut with Autumn Retreat & Template

For this tag, you will want the FTU template that I made in the previous post HERE
You will want two different masks that are Fall themed over at Creative Misfits, grab those FTU packs HERE and HERE
I used a kit made by me called Autumn Retreat, which you can purchase at any of the stores I sell my products in.
And I used a tube by Ismael Rac called Pretty Tracey, which you can get HERE.  You need to have a license number to use art made by Ismael Rac and you can get a license HERE
Let's get started.
1. Open up the template.  Delete the following layers: credit, white background, doublecirc, R square, R square 1, L square, L square 1
2.  Open up as new layers these masks: CreativeMisfits_FallMask2_MC (Autumn/Fall pack) & scale to 500 x 500.  Also open as new layer FallMask2byJenny (Fall pack) & sacle to 550 x 550.  Make both masks transparent by doing this: COLOR>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA...
3.  Open papers 4, 9, 10 & 11 from scrap kit.  Right click and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL on each layer. Next, right click on the Jenny Mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on paper 11 layer and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  This paper layer is now the mask so delete original mask.  Repeat with the MC Mask and paper 4.  Paper 10 will need that done with bigcirc layer of template, and for paper 9- merge top square layer of template with bottom square layer of template, and ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR.  You can delete the layers from the template that you replaced with paper now.
4.  Add as new layers the following elements from kit (from lower layers up), scale and place appropriately.
element 36 (duplicate)  113 x 115
element 47- does not need scaled, just rotated and ends erased
element 64- does not need scaled, just rotated and ends erased
element 29 (duplicate) 87 x 82
element 6- 263 x 398
element 15-  72 x 59
element 16- 74 x 65
(element 15 & 16 need duplicates made and the copies rotates, merge the copied layers and duplicate again so you have plenty of leaves on the "ground")
element 9- 73 x 90
element 52- 48 x 85
element 1- 39 x 41
5.  Open tube of choice.  I used set 1 of Pretty Tracey by Ismael Rac.  Delete all layers except orange bracelet, orange shirt and the light brunette hair.  then merge those 3 layers.  Duplicate this layer, but click the little eye next to it in layers box to make it invisible for a moment.  Then flip the first layer and move above the midcirc layer of template and right click midcirc layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION  then click on the tube layer to make it active.  Go to SELECT>INVERT & EDIT>CLEAR.  Then go up to the MODE arrow in layers box and choose OVERLAY.  For the duplicate layer, scale to 175 x 446. 
6.  Add drop shadows to almost all layers... Go to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW and levels at -2/2/2 and if you want you can add drop shadows to some layers with 2/2/2/ settings also.  
7.  Add the correct copyright info to your tag, this artist requires a license number, so I wrote out the artist's name, website and license number.  
8.  For the name on this, I used a font called Pristina.  I used an orange tone and added noise by FILTERS>NOISE> RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0  then right click in layers box and go to SELECT>GROW by 2.  Add a new layer and fill with deep red.  Add drop shadow.  Then click on the original text name layer and go to FILTERS> DECOR>ADD BEVEL with thickness at 5.
9.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop your image then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save as .xcf so you can return if you need to make changes within the tag.  Otherwise save it as .png when satisfied with outcome.

Thanks for viewing this tut!  Hope you like it :) xoxox


Freebie Autumn Template

Here is a template I made that corresponds to the colors in my Autumn Retreat scrapkit, which can be found at any of the stores I sell my products at.  Click the preview to download from 4shared.  Please do not share this template.  Just send others to my blog to download.  And as always, if you like this freebie, leave a comment saying thanks :)  xoxox


3 Days Only! Let's Celebrate :)

Come to my new stores and SAVE!
I am very proud to be in these stores and wanted to celebrate with everyone :)
Everything I have there is 25% off... 3 days only... today, tomorrow and Sunday!


Moigne Prep School FTU Gimp Tutorial

For this tag, you'll want the FTU scrapkit called Prep School by AW DESIGNS which you can get HERE

the 2 FTU masks by Insatiable Dreams (mask 156 & 259)

And your choice of tube, I used a tube that is FTU for those over at The Zone Groups by MissTigri and you can view her art on her website HERE (I have personal permission to use her art in my tutorials, and if you want to use her art, you must obtain permission)

Let's get started!

1. Open new image- size 800 x 800, click LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make background transparent.

2. From scrapkit, open elements 8, 9, 11 and paper 5. Scale element 8 to 221 x 113 and place accordingly. Use the rectangle select tool to crop element 11 and paper 5. When your selection is made, go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION. Then add drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels set at -8/8/15 to element 7. Make paper layer invisible by clicking the eye next to it in the layers box.

3. Open as a new layer your tube of choice. Place this layer below the drop shadow layer of the frame. Use the rectangle select tool to crop out the area as shown in the image below- you will need to copy this by going to EDIT>COPY then SELECT>NONE and go to EDIT>PASTE AS NEW LAYER. Place this new layer (top portion of tube copy) above the frame layer as shown in the second image below. Lastly, right click on the original tube layer in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION. Use the eraser tool to erase any drop shadow that is between the two layers. Just at the top, where we have been working. Not along the side.

4. Add noise to element 11 by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with levels at 20/20/20/0 and a drop shadow with same settings as used above.

5. Make paper 5 layer visible again. Then open as new layer mask 126. Go to COLOR>INVERT and LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA then back to COLOR>COLORIZE and make this mask a orange tone. Right click on paper 5 layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on mask layer to make active and go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION. Place this mask layer right above paper layer.

6. Open mask 259 as a new layer and repeat the steps above, but make it a light brownish grey color. Duplicate this mask layer and flip the copy then move each one to the corners.

7. Add the copyright info. Include artist's name and website, along with license information to use their art, if applicable.

8. I used a font called Cutie Patootie and added a slight drop shadow- levels at 2, 2, 2.

9. Use the rectangle tool to get all layers in and crop your work by going to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.

10. Save as .xcf so you can go back in and make changes if need be and when satisfied with what you've created, save as.png

Thanks for viewing this tut! Hope you liked it :) xoxox


Awesome Autumn Retreat Tag & Tut by Tasha's Playground

I love this tag, very awesome! Thanks Tasha :)
She used my newest kit, Autumn Retreat, which you can find at any of the stores I sell at!
You can get to the tut for this tag HERE.

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2011 Quintessence Breastfeeding Challenge Flyer

This is the event I am organizing for October 1st and it would be great if you could pass it on to any breastfeeding families you know in Iowa :)

TWISTED Scarlet Gothica Gimp Tutorial

This tag is crazy cool, huh? Well I made it with Wicked Princess Scraps' exclusive kit called Evil Ann and Andy, which you can purchase HERE.

I also used a FTU (general permission) tube by Scarlet Gothica, which I got over at The Zone Groups :) You can see her artwork at her site HERE.

The mask is FTU from Tizzy's Angel, which you can snag over at the Creative Misfits, right HERE.

Let's get started!

1. Open up a new canvas, I usually start at 800 x 800

2. Open up the following from the kit & scale to:

AXE- 185 x 314

CREEPY DOLL- 185 x 274


BLOOD DRIPPINGS- leave at size

METAL SKULL- 209 x 290


PP1- 700 x 700

PP5- leave at size

3. Working from the bottom layer up, open the mask as a new layer, go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent. You may want to scale it up a bit just to make sure it kinda sticks out around the edges of the frame and elements. Then right click on it in layers box and choose Alpha to Selection

4. Right click on pp5 layer in layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL. Since this paper layer is now the active layer, you can go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. This layer is now the mask layer so you can delete the original mask layer.

5. with the pp1 layer, add a layer that is white behind it. Make sure it's cropped the same as the pp1 layer. Right click on pp1 layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on white layer in layers box and go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION.

6. The pp1 layer will be perfect behind the frame, but you may want to use the free form select tool in areas that stick out. Add a drop shadow to the frame. FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels at 8/8/15

7. Move the metal skull to right side of frame.

8. The blood drippings will be next, but they'll take a bit of work in the next step.

9. With the wordart, right click on it in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION and add a new layer. Go to SELECT>GROW by 2 then flood fill the new layer with white. Add a drop shadow. Then click back on the blood drippings layer to make it active and use the eraser tool to clean up any marks from the blood drippings between the letters of the wordart.

10. Add a drop shadow to the creepy doll and also to the axe.

11. Ok for the tube, I duplicated the layer. The first layer, go to COLORS>DESATURATE then use the rectangle tool and when it is within the right range, go to LAYERS>CROP TO SELECTION. Keep this layer behind the frame and frame's drop shadow layer. As for the other copy, scale to 292 x 371. Add drop shadow. I also used settings at 8/-8/15, so two drop shadows...

12. Don't forget to put the correct copyright info. Include artist's name, website and license number if applicable.

13. The font I used is called Undecapped Vinyl. I used a red shade, added noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 then grew that layer by 2, added a new layer and flood filled with white then added a drop shadow.

14. Use the rectangle tool to crop your canvas. Use the rectangle tool to crop and then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.

15. Save your image as.xcf so you can go back and make changes if need be. Otherwise save your final image as a .png

Hope you liked this tag and tutorial :) xoxox


Autumn Retreat Tag & Tut From Amy @ Gimptastic Tuts :)

Such a cute tag! My friend, Amy, made this for me with my PTU kit Autumn Retreat! You can get my kit HERE.
Go check the Gimp tutorial out for it HERE :) xoxox


"Autumn Splendor" Tag Made by Rabid Designz :)


This was made by my very talented friend and my first CT member! She has some amazing tag show offs and she did a great job with my newest kit, Autumn Retreat, which you can get at Twilight Scraps.

Go check out Rabid Designz blog HERE! Thanks so much for this adorable tag, I absolutely love it :) xoxox


Autumn Retreat Scrapkit & Freebie Wordart

This is the newest kit I have made and you can get right now at Twilight Scraps.

It is PERSONAL USE ONLY and is full of everything you dreamed autumn can be :)

Here is some wordart for personal use only I made to accompany the kit. Click on the preview to go to 4shared. If you like the wordart, please leave some love :) xoxox


Free Pumpkin PNG CU ok :)

Last year I took some pics of my daughter with pumpkins and thought I'd try my hand at extracting one of the images. I don't know exactly how to get around all that grass but perhaps it will be handy somehow. TOU are easy... this pumpkin image mustn't be uploaded to any sharing site (photobucket, or other online image searches). If someone wants this image, it is ok to come to my blog to save it for your own use. SO just direct them here. Hope you find some ways to use it :) If you have questions, you can find my email in the right sidebar. Click the image for full size.


Click HERE to read my TOU.