Jeepers Jack! Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will want the kit called Jeepers Creepers which will be release October 1st by Crystal's Creations
I used two Halloween masks from Creative Misfits, which you can get HERE
And your tube of choice, in this case I used this Jack (from Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton) tube drawn by Wednesday Law, which is FTU and can be found at The Zone Groups and you can see all of Wednesday Law's art at http://www.eyeburst.net/

Let's get started :)
1.  Open a new canvas 800 x 800 and go to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA
2.  Open as new layers Melissa's mask 2 (scale to 800 x 800) and Myth's mask 17.  We want to make these layers transparent so go to COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA then for Myth's mask, go to COLOR>COLORIZE and set it at a light green shade.  For Melissa's mask, go on to next step.
3.  Open as new layers from scrapkit, scale to and place appropriately (in order from bottom to top layers):
paper 2
(PP2-after adding alpha channel, right click Melissa's mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click back on pp2 layer to make active.  Go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR.  Now delete original mask layer)
paper 1
(use ellipse select tool, crop circle then go to LAYERS>CROP TO SELECTION,  ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>SHRINK by 30 and for PP7 and PP9 layers, SELECT>GROW by 8)
paper 9
(PP& & PP9 add noise.  FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with levels at 20/20/20/0)
paper 6
element 30
element 40
element 32
(ELEMENT32- scale to 80 x 101 and duplicate twice for 3 total and flip/rotate)
element 10
(ELEMENT10- scale to 264 x 250)
element 20
(ELEMENT20- scale to 136 x 143)
element 3
(ELEMENT3- scale to 134 x 104)
4. Open as new layer your tube of choice.  Scale down to correct size and do not forget to add copyright info.  Copyright symbol, artist's name, website should be good credit.  Some artists require license info also.  This artist does not.
5.  Add drop shadow to most layers by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/2 and you can also do it again on a couple elements to the left side with settings at -2/2/2.
6.  I used a font called bone thin then right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION and added a new layer, with which I filled black.  Then I added a purple drop shadow with settings at 8/8/15.
7.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop your image.  Go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Then save your image as .xcf so you can return and make corrections if need be.  Otherwise save as .png when satisfied.

Hope you enjoyed this tag and tut!  Thanks for viewing :) xoxox

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