TWISTED Scarlet Gothica Gimp Tutorial

This tag is crazy cool, huh? Well I made it with Wicked Princess Scraps' exclusive kit called Evil Ann and Andy, which you can purchase HERE.

I also used a FTU (general permission) tube by Scarlet Gothica, which I got over at The Zone Groups :) You can see her artwork at her site HERE.

The mask is FTU from Tizzy's Angel, which you can snag over at the Creative Misfits, right HERE.

Let's get started!

1. Open up a new canvas, I usually start at 800 x 800

2. Open up the following from the kit & scale to:

AXE- 185 x 314

CREEPY DOLL- 185 x 274


BLOOD DRIPPINGS- leave at size

METAL SKULL- 209 x 290


PP1- 700 x 700

PP5- leave at size

3. Working from the bottom layer up, open the mask as a new layer, go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent. You may want to scale it up a bit just to make sure it kinda sticks out around the edges of the frame and elements. Then right click on it in layers box and choose Alpha to Selection

4. Right click on pp5 layer in layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL. Since this paper layer is now the active layer, you can go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. This layer is now the mask layer so you can delete the original mask layer.

5. with the pp1 layer, add a layer that is white behind it. Make sure it's cropped the same as the pp1 layer. Right click on pp1 layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on white layer in layers box and go to LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION.

6. The pp1 layer will be perfect behind the frame, but you may want to use the free form select tool in areas that stick out. Add a drop shadow to the frame. FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels at 8/8/15

7. Move the metal skull to right side of frame.

8. The blood drippings will be next, but they'll take a bit of work in the next step.

9. With the wordart, right click on it in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION and add a new layer. Go to SELECT>GROW by 2 then flood fill the new layer with white. Add a drop shadow. Then click back on the blood drippings layer to make it active and use the eraser tool to clean up any marks from the blood drippings between the letters of the wordart.

10. Add a drop shadow to the creepy doll and also to the axe.

11. Ok for the tube, I duplicated the layer. The first layer, go to COLORS>DESATURATE then use the rectangle tool and when it is within the right range, go to LAYERS>CROP TO SELECTION. Keep this layer behind the frame and frame's drop shadow layer. As for the other copy, scale to 292 x 371. Add drop shadow. I also used settings at 8/-8/15, so two drop shadows...

12. Don't forget to put the correct copyright info. Include artist's name, website and license number if applicable.

13. The font I used is called Undecapped Vinyl. I used a red shade, added noise by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 then grew that layer by 2, added a new layer and flood filled with white then added a drop shadow.

14. Use the rectangle tool to crop your canvas. Use the rectangle tool to crop and then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.

15. Save your image as.xcf so you can go back and make changes if need be. Otherwise save your final image as a .png

Hope you liked this tag and tutorial :) xoxox

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