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I have been trying to categorize all my recipes into one recipe box.  Made a card template for you all that you can open up in your program and put the text into or just write it out by hand :)  It is made with my kit Emotionally Yours, which you can get at any of the stores I sell at... check the blinkies on the column on the left to hop over and take a look at my products! This card is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Just click the card to grow full size and then right click/save :)

So this is the card for the recipe I made... the recipe is from http://www.justapinch.com/ just click HERE to go to the original recipe!
And here are the steps involved in photos LOL

Crush those cookies up really well!  You can use a blender if you want a shortcut.

Toss in a quarter of the block of cream cheese at a time... Stir it in well and keep adding it and stirring.

Then set it in the fridge to cool for 20 minutes or so :) 
When it comes out, form into balls about half the size of an egg.
Put the balls back into the fridge to set for another 20 min or so....
Meanwhile throw some almond bark in the microwave or double boiler if you have it.
Stab a fork into a ball or a skewer stick and dip it in the melted almond bark. 

Set the ball on wax paper to set.  It only takes a couple minutes so if you wanna add sprinkles or something you better do it quick LOL

Now you can taste test it to make sure it's alright to feed to others :P
I made mine a bit big LOL

BUT THEY ARE AWESOME!  I bundled some up and took them with the recipe card to my mom for her birthday... My son ate about half of them.  He is an oreo addict.
Well hope you have fun if you make these... you can send me any recipe to try out!  I love cooking :)
Happy holidays!  xoxox

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