FTU Animated Gimp Tutorial- Winter's Love

Here is an animated tag that I made using the FTU kit WINTER'S LOVE by Wicked Princess Scraps, which you can snag for yourself HERE
I made a tutorial in our Gimp Siggy School class in Gimp Siggy Creations on Cafemom to learn how to make it HERE so feel free to join our group if you're interested in learning how to make signature tags and stay copyright compliant! The full tutorial with photos is available only in this group.  This is a shorter version for those more advanced...
I used a FTU mask from the Creative Misfit blog HERE "Suz Xmas Mask1"
And all the photos in the tag are ones which I own rights to of MY FAMILY ♥

Here is what we're gonna make :)
1. Open a new image, I usually size at 800 x 800 and scale down at the end...  Make the background transparent >LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA
2.  Click and drag the following elements into your Gimp window from the kit's ELEMENTS folder and scale to:
WP_WL_FOLDEDSTAR.png  73 x 73
WP_WL_BRANCH2.png  190 x 152
WP_WL_REDRIBBON.png  257 x 81
WP_WL_CRUMBLEDTAG.png  107 x 118
WP_WL_STRINGCURLIE.png  560 x 100
AND from the PAPER folder:
Arrange like shown above, and to cut the spaces in the middle of the filmstripframe, just use magic wand tool while holding shift.  Each window space will be selected, so go to SELECT>SHRINK by 10 and hit OK.
Add drop shadows by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW
3.  Add your photos, or tube of choice.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop around the frame and then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR to erase excess paper and photos.
4.  FILE>OPEN AS LAYERS the mask, resize to 775 x 325 then go to COLOR>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA... right click on this mask layer in your layers box choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on the PP2 layer and go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Now you can delete the original suzxmasmask1 layer since the paper has become the new mask layer.
4.  Add your name and any copyright info to your tag.  If you're using photos, it is best to include "photos by (insert name)." When you have everything set, then make sure you stop and SAVE!  Save as .xcf first.  Then you can save as a .png so you have a non animated background to begin the animation with.  You can stop here or once that is saved, click on any layer in layers box and choose MERGE ALL VISIBLE LAYERS to continue on with the animation part.
5.  Open as a new layer WP_WL_SNOWFLAKE2 from the scrapkit and scale them down to around 70 x 70 or so.  The beginning position have the snowflake just beginning to be visible from the top.  Make a duplicate of each layer and arrange so it is every other in layers box- SNOWFLAKE copy then BACKGROUND copy and merge the copy layers every single time you position the snowflake. Add other snowflakes in the same fashion.  If you rename each layer as soon as it is done (#1, #1, etc), it makes it soooooo much easier! I admit this does take alot of time and patience to have to move the snowflake a little, duplicate layers, merge copy to background and rename that new layer,  move snowflake a little, duplicate layers,  merge copy to background and rename the new layer... until you get the snowflakes all the way across.  But it turns out awesome so keep trying.  You'll end up with at least 16 layers at the end.  So at the end, rearrange the layers to a descending order. Make sure white is your background color, then right click on each layer in the layers box and choose REMOVE ALPHA CHANNEL so a white background will be added to each layer. 
6.  You can now check your animation by going to FILTERS>ANIMATION>PLAYBACK and hit the PLAY button.  If it looks good, then you just need one last thing before you save.
Go to IMAGE>MODE and click on INDEXED. When the window pops up, click on the arrow on the color dithering and choose Floyd Steinberg- REDUCED COLOR BLEEDING & click the ENABLE DITHERING OF TRANSPARENCY.  Then click CONVERT.
You can save this now... YAY!!!!!! LOL
File>Save as (yourfilename.gif) and on the first pop up window- SAVE AS ANIMATION.
If a window askes you to crop, just do it. I never had problems with Gimp having to crop it... It turns out ok. Make sure on the next window SAVE AS ANIMATION is checked. Hit EXPORT.
Then on the next window choose 300 seconds (or a snaller number if you want it to be faster) and make sure USE DELAY ABOVE is checked.  Click SAVE.  Upload to your photobucket or Fotki account to keep the animation!

Thanks for checking out this tutorial :)  xoxox


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