Irish Luck- How Irish Are You?

Well I have a new kit out and it's perfect for all those taggers out there that wanna rock out some tubes with shamrocks and gold!  It's packed with 15 papers and 55 elements, including 4 wordart, 9 frames, 8 ribbons/bows, several traditional celtic symbols and lots of shamrocks! and you can find it HERE or HERE!  And you're LUCKY because it is only $1!  I'd love to see tags made with it- send to iloveluci09@gmail.com

Are you Irish?  I have a bit in me but it all comes out around this time of year.  I always am excited to get involved in the activities that surround the holiday.  I have never been to a pub crawl but someday, I just might!  I have drank green beer a few times but prefer it to be a light golden hue.  Do you have fond memories of the holiday?  Take this test to see "How Irish Are You?"
My result:
You're 55% Irish

You're very Irish, and most likely from Ireland.
(And if you're not, you should be!)

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