Spring Solace Rac Forum Set Gimp Tutorial

For this tutorial you will want the scrapkit called Spring Solace by me, you can find more info about the kit on THIS POST.
And the tube "HOTTIE GIRL" by Ismael Rac, you need a license to use his art and you can get both the license and tubes at his store- http://store.xeracx.net/

1. Open new canvas size 600 x 200. 
2. Click and drag paper 11 into the canvas, release click and then right click on paper layer and choose SCALE LAYER to 600 x 200.  Right click again and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Duplicate paper layer.  Right click once more and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then to EDIT in menu bar and SHRINK by 4 then EDIT>CLEAR. Then SELECT>NONE.  Add noise by going to FILTER>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings shown below. Click OK.

3.  Add a drop shadow by FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings shown below. Click OK.

4.  Now right click on the paper 11 copy (top layer) and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  SELECT>NONE.
5.  Add the following elements from kit to your canvas by either clicking and dragging into canvas or going to OPEN>OPEN AS LAYERS and position them appropriately.

ELEMENT 24 - scale to 138 x 208 (drop shadow 1/1/1)
ELEMENT 6 - scale to 131 x 177 (drop shadow 1/1/1)
ELEMENT 16 - Duplicate 3 times for a total of 4 layers then right click and MERGE DOWN so that there is only one element 16 left.  Duplicate this layer and scale to 600 x 581

6.  Add your tube of choice.  I am using the tube called HOTTIE GIRL by Ismael Rac,  and this artist requires you to have a license thru the company and display it when you use the art. Open HOTTIE GIRL 2 and delete the copyright and background layers, as well as all except layer 4.  Place in center of canvas then go up to COLORS>DESATURATE with Luminosity clecked then click OK.  Use the opacity slider over in the layers box and change the opacity to 53.  Now add HOTTIE GIRL 1 and delete all layers but layer 7.  Add a drop shadow 2/2/2.  Do not forget to add the copyright info to your tag as well as your license if applicable.
7. Add your name.  I used the color picker tool  to get a shade from the pink hair in the tube.  I used a font called Pea Roxygirl at size 59. Add noise with same settings as above.  Then I used the color picker tool to get a powder blue shade from the butterflies, and right clicked on the text layer ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT>GROW by 2. Next, click again on the pink text layer to make active and go to FILTERS>DECOR>ADD BEVEL with settings shown like below. Click OK.

That will open it in a new window and the text will look puffy.  Add a drop shadow 1/1/1 then click on the powder blue text layer to make it active and go back to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with levels at 2/2/6 with WHITE not black as the color.
8.  Lastly, right click on the paper 11 layer again ALPHA TO SELECTION and IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save this image as .xcf first so you can go back and make changes if need be later down the road.  Then save your finished copy as .png or .jpg

Now on to the avatar... Super easy!
Repeat the steps above on a 200 x 200 canvas, using those measurements for the paper 11. Leave out elements 25 and 24.  Just need to scale everything down a bit more to get it right :)  Add artists name and license number to your avatar- website is ok to leave off.  Save it as .xcf first and then as .png or .jpg

Thanks for looking :)

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