Emo Girl 1- Gimp Name Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will want to purchase the cool emo kit called Emo Girl 1 by Crystal's Creations- you can find more about all her fab kits on her blog- http://crystalsscrapcreations.blogspot.com/
I also used a mask by Kaci (circle mask 2)  from the Creative Misfits blog which is FTU and you can get it HERE

Let's get started!  This is not very hard to make, so any level of talent you believe to have you should be able to master this :)

1.  Open up Gimp then FILE>OPEN AS LAYERS element 5 from kit.  Duplicate this layer then flip (use flip tool) the copy. 
2.  Open as layers the mask, scale to 722x477, flip it and go up to COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA then scale to 690x690.  Next, open as layers paper 8 from the kit.  Right click on this layer in the layers box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Duplicate this layer and click the little eye next to it in the layers box to make it invisible.  You will use this later.  For now, just right click on the mask layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION then click back on the paper layer (not the invisible one) to make it active and go to SELECT>INVERT then EDIT>CLEAR.  You can delete your original mask since the paper is now the mask.
3.  Open as layers the following and scale as written, then place accordingly:
element 35- 565x412
element 36- 493x330
element 24- 446x31
element 31- 194x216
element 25- 112x100
element 2- 218x227
element 6

I did NOT add drop shadows to any of those elements above, but you could if you wanted...
4.  Now that you basically have your tag arranged how you like, you need to add your text.  I used a font called Amazing Ruler at size 99.  I then clicked on the eye on the copy of paper 8 we made earlier and then right clicked on the text, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on paper layer to make active and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  You will need to make the original text invisible now, so click the eye on it in the layers box.  SELECT>NONE.  Now right click on the paper layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION and SELECT>GROW by 3.  I used the color picker tool to get a color off the little emo bear's hair (element 2).  Then add a new layer and fill it in.  Make sure this layer is below the paper/text layer in the layers box.  Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0.  Go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3/3/3.  Now, these 3 text layers, plus the original text layer should all be dragged down the layers box so they are all under the emo bear (element 2).  Just use the move tool to get it positioned correctly.
5.  Use the rectangle tool to crop your work, getting everything inside of the box you create by clicking and dragging across the canvas.  Once you have the little marching ants- that's what I call them lol- perfectly situated around then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. 
6.  Save your work as .xcf so you can come back in and make changes if need be (if you do this, you may want to add another paper 8 layer first just to have it ready to make the new text next time you open the file).  Then when you're satisfied with what you've done, save as .png

That's it!  Hope you liked this tutorial :)

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