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November O'Scrap Blog Train CU Freebie

Here's a commercial use OK turkey template I made in Gimp and thought some of you would like to use it within your projects.  Click image above to download your copy, please do not share my creations, just send others here to this blog post to get themself a copy of the turkey template if they'd like to have it...
Get all the other great freebies in the O'Scrap Blog Train by clicking the link below (please notice that due to Hurricane Sandy, there may be some delays in blog postings this month)!


Amazing Tags with My Creations!

You really need to go check out all the amazing tags my creative team has made with my kits!  You can view the tags and easily get to the tutorials and extras that they have available on their blogs by following my CT blog---
Here are just a few of my favorites so far!
^^ by karra with rock the nite ^^

^^ by karra with dark dreamer ^^

^^ by lee with cursed ^^

^^ by mary liz with emotionally yours ^^

^^ by mary liz with winter wish ^^

I also had a couple friends send me the tags they've made with my kits or templates, and I can't help but let them know they're very much appreciated!  If you make anything with my creations, always feel free to show them to me :)  BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE <3>
^^ by rose with seven seas ^^

^^ by tasha with vicious valentine ^^

^^ by jennifer with my template nicki minaj ^^


Call to Action: Support Breastfeeding Law

This is a photo I took of my daughter just a few months ago, around the age of two and a half.  She hasn't weaned yet and will on her own time... However, with this sometimes comes public disrespect.  I have personally felt that society does not want me to feed my child, unless it is in a bottle.  I have been sneered at, asked to sit in a restroom, had a blanket thrown at me to cover up and have had people actually stand in front of me, ashamed that others would see what I was doing.  This is nothing to what some have endured, however.  Some mothers have had the police called on them for indecent exposure!  These mothers have had to pay fines like they've exposed themselves in some indecent way... It just upsets me that there is very limited law enforcement protecting these children from being fed naturally.  And nothing will be done to those who harrass a mother for breastfeeding her child in public. 
I have seen the effects of the lack of education and support others have regarding breastfeeding end up negatively impacting the mothers and their babies.   "This type of intimidation is unlawful and wrong; it undermines the well-being of mothers and babies by deterring a mother from feeding her child when the child is hungry. This can lead to negative consequences for both mother and child including early cessation of breastfeeding, poor infant growth, maternal isolation/depression, plugged ducts/mastitis, and much more." from
I am donating my photo of my daughter to help support the cause for Breastfeeding Peaches of Georgia.  Please take a moment to look at their Facebook page  and to find out how you can help, you can donate a photo also, look HERE to find out how!
We wouldn't be where we are today without our foremother's milk and no scientific concoction will ever be equivalent. I encourage my blog readers who may not be comfortable with breastfeeding to read more about the benefits it has and find a way to be comfortable with others choosing to feed their children, however and whenever and wherever they need to.  You can read more about breastfeeding, just check out my favorite site for reliable information-


Pie Templates, Autumn Foliage and a Freebie :)

The above commercial use items are available at stores I sell at.  The first is Pie Templates.  There is a whole pie and a slice of pie in PSD format. The second is a pack of extracted foliage from photos I have taken.  
Below is a pack of photos I took at the local pumpkin stand, there are 7 photos total.  This pack is free for you to use in your commercially aimed endeavors, however, credit is required.  Read the TOU in the file if you download.  It is fine to use these images within scrapbooking projects, and if you have any questions you can email me at iloveluci09@  I hope they come in handy!  Feel free to send me examples of what you've done with my creations, too :)


Black Friday

Here's my new PERSONAL USE ONLY tagger size kit, inspired by the holiday next month and especially the friday that comes after it: Black Friday.  I haven't ever particularly been fond of shopping on that day, but I am part of a very small percentage LOL... Black Friday has 15 patterned/textured papers and 75 elements including 4 frames, 2 wordarts, 8 bows/ribbons, 16 flowers/trees/foliage, lots of diamonds, shopping bags and boxes, jewelry, hearts, lips, 2 turkeys, a dog, a butterfly and even a little snow (for us midwesterners, snow is normal in November).  There's just alot, it's bound to suit all your tagging needs!  You can purchase this kit at the stores I sell at! 
I wanted to leave you all a freebie, so here's an add-on to the kit, this add-on is also PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Do not share this, instead direct others here to my blog if they'd like a copy.  It has 2 papers, 2 wordarts, and 8 elements.  Just click the preview to download your copy from or you can click HERE as well... leave me a comment if you do!  I absolutely love to know there are people out there enjoying the creations I make :) 


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