Black Friday

Here's my new PERSONAL USE ONLY tagger size kit, inspired by the holiday next month and especially the friday that comes after it: Black Friday.  I haven't ever particularly been fond of shopping on that day, but I am part of a very small percentage LOL... Black Friday has 15 patterned/textured papers and 75 elements including 4 frames, 2 wordarts, 8 bows/ribbons, 16 flowers/trees/foliage, lots of diamonds, shopping bags and boxes, jewelry, hearts, lips, 2 turkeys, a dog, a butterfly and even a little snow (for us midwesterners, snow is normal in November).  There's just alot, it's bound to suit all your tagging needs!  You can purchase this kit at the stores I sell at! 
I wanted to leave you all a freebie, so here's an add-on to the kit, this add-on is also PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Do not share this, instead direct others here to my blog if they'd like a copy.  It has 2 papers, 2 wordarts, and 8 elements.  Just click the preview to download your copy from box.com or you can click HERE as well... leave me a comment if you do!  I absolutely love to know there are people out there enjoying the creations I make :) 


  1. Thankyou so much for the Black Friday freebie .... ♥

  2. oh i love this idea i hate Black friday after having to work one of them I never go near a mall or store on that day.. Ever..

  3. Thanks a lot my dear
    its wonderfull

  4. Thank you so much, love it.

  5. Love all your kits thanks for sharing