Call to Action: Support Breastfeeding Law

This is a photo I took of my daughter just a few months ago, around the age of two and a half.  She hasn't weaned yet and will on her own time... However, with this sometimes comes public disrespect.  I have personally felt that society does not want me to feed my child, unless it is in a bottle.  I have been sneered at, asked to sit in a restroom, had a blanket thrown at me to cover up and have had people actually stand in front of me, ashamed that others would see what I was doing.  This is nothing to what some have endured, however.  Some mothers have had the police called on them for indecent exposure!  These mothers have had to pay fines like they've exposed themselves in some indecent way... It just upsets me that there is very limited law enforcement protecting these children from being fed naturally.  And nothing will be done to those who harrass a mother for breastfeeding her child in public. 
I have seen the effects of the lack of education and support others have regarding breastfeeding end up negatively impacting the mothers and their babies.   "This type of intimidation is unlawful and wrong; it undermines the well-being of mothers and babies by deterring a mother from feeding her child when the child is hungry. This can lead to negative consequences for both mother and child including early cessation of breastfeeding, poor infant growth, maternal isolation/depression, plugged ducts/mastitis, and much more." from http://bfgeorgia.org/
I am donating my photo of my daughter to help support the cause for Breastfeeding Peaches of Georgia.  Please take a moment to look at their Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/bfgeorgia  and to find out how you can help, you can donate a photo also, look HERE to find out how!
We wouldn't be where we are today without our foremother's milk and no scientific concoction will ever be equivalent. I encourage my blog readers who may not be comfortable with breastfeeding to read more about the benefits it has and find a way to be comfortable with others choosing to feed their children, however and whenever and wherever they need to.  You can read more about breastfeeding, just check out my favorite site for reliable information- http://kellymom.com/pregnancy/bf-prep/bf-benefits/


  1. I think breastfeeding is great, BUT I do not want to go to a store a see some woman with her tits hanging out just to feed, I agree there is a time and place for that. This sounds more like a campaign for indecent exposure than breastfeeding. I mean really, whats arong with covering yourself up, or going to the bathroom??? Just saying.

  2. Would you eat in a bathroom? Your comment is very uneducated at best. Please research breastfeeding. You sound very immature in your wording alone, A breastfeeding mother doesn't have her "tit hanging out just to feed" when you go eat in a bathroom maybe I'll come sit next to you and feed my kid til then quit staring so hard and grow up!

  3. Is this photo exposing my nipple? That is the part of the anatomy that people have slanged to tits. When a child is being breastfed, you will not notice much other than a little skin, no more than what a bathing suit would bare.

  4. ppl need to learn more before they open their mouths every woman has the right to do this no matter where they are is part of life if i could have breastfeed my daughter i would have and did it anywhere i wished and don't care what ppl say

  5. You see more at the beach! Bet anon. is not complaining there!

    So it is ok to sexualize breasts, but not to use them to nurture your child?

    In most states, even if they don't have a specific bf law, it is not illegal to bf, but a business can tell you to leave if you are bfing.

    I wish I could have gone longer than 2 years with my now 9 yo son. Stay strong, and do what is best for you and your child.


  6. I have nothing against breast feeding in public, many do lay a cloth on an angle over their shoulder just for modesty's sake or maybe they just feel more comfortable that way.

    I don't know where you live, so I can't really talk about the feelings of people in that part of the world in regards to how it's regarded there.

    I tried to breastfeed, but unfortunately that wasn't an option for me, I had a bottomless pit of a daughter, she required 2 full 4 oz bottles by the 2nd day as I didn't have enough for her and was guzzling that and wanting more.

    However in most places that I know of, we see infants being breastfed, not children that are over a year old, walking and usually talking.

    Most children are weaned from either the breast or the bottle by the age of 1 (usually earlier)and so it sounds like those people were shocked that a child of that age was still feeding naturally.

    I know many, many years ago that was standard practice. Years ago mothers weren't as confident in the sterility and pasturization of milk from the companies, so they nursed longer, but that doesn't hold true today and it's much rarer to find that today.

    Most toddlers have a sippy cup or just a regular cup. I'm not putting you down, but am I guessing the reason that many people are finding it very odd to see a child that age being breast fed.

    Even my doctor who was very pro breast feeding and my daughter's doctor who is too, still believed in the child being weaned from the breast between 9 - 12 months.

    There is still no reason for people to be disrespectful to you or others that do this.

  7. Sassy, first of all, thanks for commenting! I do have to let you know a couple things. A baby going to the breast tells your body what to make to fulfill that child's need. If you're giving anything other than the breast, you're skipping these important messages.
    It was standard practice many years ago due to the fact that people weren't living in a wasteful society. They lived with what they had, they made what they needed to have. If a woman was unable to nurse, she'd have another woman nurse. I am not confident in the sterility of formula, the companies have brainwashed so many into believing formula is just as good. Just a little research will prove that untrue.
    Doctors only have about an hour of education on human lactation!
    Breastfeeding your child should never be about anyone but your child. It is their comfort, it continues giving nutrients and very important antibodies.
    I suggest you visit keelymom.com and spend about half an hour reading the info there... It is composed by people with years of experience with human lactation. It is the best place I have found to find out the truth. I suggest this site to everybody I know! It saved me many times and encouraged me to continue when I had thought I had already lost :)

  8. Way to go!! I'm now tandom feeding a almost 3yr old and my 3 month old. I never thought I would do that till people like you came along to help me see it's normal. Much love mommy and rock on!