Pie Templates, Autumn Foliage and a Freebie :)

The above commercial use items are available at stores I sell at.  The first is Pie Templates.  There is a whole pie and a slice of pie in PSD format. The second is a pack of extracted foliage from photos I have taken.  
Below is a pack of photos I took at the local pumpkin stand, there are 7 photos total.  This pack is free for you to use in your commercially aimed endeavors, however, credit is required.  Read the TOU in the file if you download.  It is fine to use these images within scrapbooking projects, and if you have any questions you can email me at iloveluci09@ gmail.com.  I hope they come in handy!  Feel free to send me examples of what you've done with my creations, too :)

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  1. Thanks much for this Annaica! I needed something for a fall foliage post and this will work awesome! Now to create giggles!