Of Christmas' Past Forum Set Tutorial

Here is a forum set that I made using the PTU kit called Of Christmas' Past by Creative Scraps by Crys and a Pics For Design bonus tube by Zlata_M. Tubes from PFD require a license to be displayed when using the art.     I am going to give you a tutorial on how to make this forum set in Gimp.
1.  Open a new image 600 x 250 then drag and drop Papers 16, 13 and 6 into the canvas.  Right click on each paper layer and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Then right click on the background layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION go up to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Now all the layers should be 650 x 250.  Now you want to make the outside frame, so go to SELECT>SHRINK by 4 and click on the Paper 6 layer in the layers box to make it the active layer and  EDIT>CLEAR, SELECT>NONE and again right click on the background layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION, click on Paper 13 to make active, SELECT>SHRINK by 7 and EDIT>CLEAR.  Add noise to this layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with only correlated checked and levels at 20/20/20/0.  Merge Paper 6 and Paper 13 together by right clicking and choosing MERGE DOWN, rename this layer "FRAME". 
2.  Now drag and drop the following elements from the kit:
35- duplicate and move to left
3- duplicate and move to left
frame 4
23- duplicate and scale down
20- duplicate and flip and move to left
You may have to scale a few elements down just a bit to get them proportionate.
Within the frame, I clicked inside using the  fuzzy select tool and SELECT>GROW by 15 then SELECT>INVERT and clicked on the layers in the layer box that appeared inside and hit EDIT>CLEAR.
Using the text tool, write your message to santa over the scroll, I used a font called Precious.
3.  Add a drop shadow to elements 20 & copy, 55 and 32 by going to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 5/5/10.
4.  Add the tube of your choice,  keep it large and place as the layer right above the Paper 16 layer.  Make a duplicate and click on the eye next to it to make it invisible in the layers box.  Working on the visible tube layer, click MODE and choose OVERLAY.  Now unclick the eye to make the duplicate visible again and move above element 32 (santa scroll), duplicate the layer and click the MODE arrow and select SCREEN which will make it glow a bit, just slide the opacity slider in the layers box down if it appears too strong.  Remember at this step to also include the correct copyright info- copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number when applicable.
5.  Write your name on your tag, I used the font called Chanel in red and gave it noise with same settings as step 1, right click, ALPHA TO SELECTION, grow by 2. Add new layer, fill with white and add a drop shadow.  Save your tag as .xcf so you may be able to go back within layer by layer to make any necessary changes to the tag if you need to.  When you're satisfied with your tag, save it as a .png.
FOR THE AVATAR- just a few changes...  Add a new layer, scaled at 200 x 200, white!  Position this layer above the tube layer, then move the tube layers down below element 12 (snow drift).  Right click on the new white layer you've made and ALPHA TO SELECTION then up to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Drag and drop Paper 13 and 6 back into this canvas, and repeat the same steps for these papers as you did in step one for the banner.  Add copyright- in avatars, artist's name and your license is all that's needed.  Add your name.  Save it as .xcf so you can make changes if need be, and when done save as .png.  You're done! 
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial :)

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