Thankful Gimp Tutorial with Zebrush Art

For this tag, you will want to get the PTU kit by Crystal's Creations called Thanksgiving Special.  You can find it at the stores she sells at.  She has alot of awesome freebies on her blog as well!  Check it out- http://crystalsscrapcreations.blogspot.com/
Your tube of choice.  The one I used is by Zebrush and is an exclusive that I got at www.picsfordesign.com Using art from this site requires one to also have a license and display it when using the art. 
I used a FTU mask in the huge mask pack from Creative Misfits right HERE by StaciRosa
The template is FTU from Brutal Designs- circle template 3 HERE
Let's get started!
1.  Open Gimp, then drag and drop the following papers into the canvas, making sure you right click and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL to each:
 Paper 11
Paper 12
Paper 9
Paper 2
2.  Drag and drop your mask and scale to 740x740 then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA  then right click on this layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION.  Click paper 11 in layers box to make it active and then go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  The paper is now the mask so you can delete the original mask layer.
3.  Drag and drop the template into the canvas.  First thing I did was colorize black circle right layer and the pink circle left and pink circle right to a mossy shade.  I added noise to the last 2 *originally pink) by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with the settings on correlated and alpha at 70.  Then colorized the pink rectangle layer and the purp rectangle layers to a sandy color.  For the other layers, you will want to substitute the papers you dropped into that canvas earlier.  All you do is the same exact thing you did in the last step of changing the mask to the paper.  ALPHA TO SELECTION on the template layer, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR on the paper layer.  For the paper 2 layers, I colorized them to a brown shade.  Add drop shadows to your layers to add depth.  Go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 0/0/15.
4.  Add the following elements and scale and place:
Element 9 duplicate
Element 11 duplicate
Element 28- Duplicate and flip
Element 4
Element 24
Element 30
Element 32
Element 3
Element 7
Element 12
Element 18
Element 20
When these are placed where you like, just add a drop shadow with settings at 3/3/9
5.  Add your tube, make a couple duplicates first before you start changing it up... Click the eye in the layers box so it's not visible while you're working on the first tube layer.  I just used the fuzzy select tool within the inside frame of the film layer of template the went to SELECT>GROW by 1 then clicked on the tube layer in layers box and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  You may have to EDIT>UNDO a few times just to get it the way you like it to look.  Add drop shadows to the front tube layer to make it stand out.  Make sure at this time you also include the copyright info- a copyright symbol, the artist's name, website and license number should be clearly legible. 
6.  Add the text you want to the tag with whatever font you choose.  I am using a font called Standing Tall in a nice light beige color.  I duplicated it and added noise with same settings as before.  Then I added a drop shadow to the original text layer with settings at 1/1/2 and duplicated the shadow. 
7.  Save your work as .xcf so you can go back in layer by layer and make necessary changes.  When you are satisfied with the tag, just save as .png
Thanks for checking out this tutorial :)

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