FTU Forum Set Template with Icy Text Tutorial

I found a cool tutorial on YouTube HERE that shows how to make the icy text effect.  I love this effect and I made my own, shorter version of how to do this using Gimp. I also wanted to offer a free to use forum set template for you to use with this effect!
So this is how my tutorial goes!
1.  Open a new canvas, size 600 x 250, flood fill with black.  Next create your text layer.  Now right click on it in the layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.  Go to SELECT>FEATHER settings at 8, OK. Add a new transparent layer and flood fill with white.  Duplicate the layer and right click and merge down to make it less transparent.  Click the eye on the original text layer to make it invisible. 
2.  Right click on the original text layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>FEATHER by 4 this time, then click on the top layer in the layers box (the one you made in step 1) and go to EDIT>CLEAR.  Again, duplicate the layer and merge down.  Your image should look similar to the one below.
3.  To add the icy effect to the text, just add a new transparent layer then go up to FILTERS>RENDER>NATURE>FLAME.  In the box that pops up, drag the brightness slider all the way to the right then click EDIT at the top, this window will appear.  Choose whichever option you like, you can click RANDOMIZE to find one you like.
Click ok.  This is the ice :)  All you have to do here is find a spot of it that you like, and click on the clone tool.  Then hold down control and click on that spot to copy it.  Click the eye on this layer to make it invisible now.  Next, right click on the original text layer and ALPHA TO SELECTION.  Add a new transparent layer and while the clone tool is selected, make upwards strokes per letter.  When you have all the letters done and like the effect, SELECT>NONE.  You can delete the ice effect layer that you made invisible now. 
4.  Add a new transparent layer and choose white as the foreground color and a blue shade for the background color.  Click on the gradient fill tool, and place the cursor right at the bottom of the text and drag upwards just a little bit.  Make sure this layer is set behind all other layers/at the bottom of the layers box.  Your image should look similar to what I have shown below.

5.  Ok, now on the ice layer within the text, go up to COLORS>COLORIZE until it is a nice light blue shade.  When it is the color you like, merge the top layer (feathered text) down with the icy layer.  Duplicate and merge down to make it less transparent.
6.  Any layers that are invisible at this point can be deleted.  You now need to add a transparent layer and flood fill with bloack.  Go to FILTERS>NOISE>HSV NOISE with the value slider all the way to the right.  Click OK.  Now go to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>SPARKLE with the spike points set to 11 then click OK.  Go up to COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  Again to COLORS>INVERT. 
7.  With the black background layer, go to COLORS>INVERT then right click and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL.  Move this layer to the top of the layers box.  Right click ALPHA TO SELECTION>SHRINK by 4 and EDIT>CLEAR.  Go to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated checked and independent unchecked, levels at 20/20/20/0. 
That is it for the banner, now to make it easy, we all like easy!!!  Add a new layer, white, sized at 200 x 200 to the canvas.  Drag this to the area you like best. 
Delete the Merry Christmas layer.  Right click on the new white layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.  IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Then SELECT>SHRINK by 4, EDIT>CLEAR.  Add noise with same settings as previously mentioned. 
Save these as .xcf so you can come back and get into them at anytime you need to!  Add your tubes, images, etc to it.  I hope you like this tutorial and freebie!  Click the image below to get your freebie PSD forum set with this design.  It is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.    Leave some holiday love :)