How to Make Seamless Tiles for Backgrounds in Gimp 2.8

This was always something I wanted to know how to do and just recently learned how.  I would like to show you how also :)
First step is to open a new canvas by going to FILE>NEW and size it 200 x 200 in the window that comes up.  Make sure the background color is of your choice.  I am using black. Press OK.
You will get a little square that is the background color.  Now we need to add something to this, so add a new layer like shown below. 
Make sure TRANSPARENCY is the only selection in the window that comes up and click OK.
Now in this new layer, let's add a brush to it.  You can use any preset brush or even an image to your canvas, anything you want.  Just place it in the center of the canvas.  I am using a fireworks brush set from my favorite brush resource- http://www.obsidiandawn.com/
The brush's settings are illustrated below. 
Next, go up to IMAGE>FLATTEN then to FILTERS>MAP>MAKE SEAMLESS.  Your tile should look similar to the one I have shown below...

Now, all you need to do is copy your design to the clipboard, it will appear as the first selection in the pattern box like shown below.  Make a new canvas by going to FILE>NEW at a larger size, I usually do around 1200 x 1200 to sample something.  Then add a new layer and click and hold and drag that first pattern into the new layer.
I prefer to add just a little more, go ahead, add more to it! I wanted more sparkles. If you like my sparkle effect in the final product at the end of this tutorial, you can find the sparkle effect in step 6 in THIS tutorial. I also added wordart to my example. 
Feel free to save the paper I have made for you as a Commercial Use or Personal Use product.  It may only be reoffered for personal use.  DO NOT SHARE the paper alone, it has to be incorporated into a design.  DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN.  And please link back to this blog post or my blog when you use it so others know where it came from.  Click the preview to download.  Happy New Year!  xoxox



  1. I use gimp and this is also something I was wondering...
    thank you so much!