Winter Fun Rock Xmas Tutorial

Here is a tag I made with the art of Ismael Rac, using his art requires a license and you can get both the license and art at his store http://store.xeracx.net/
The scrap kit that I used is called Winter Fun by Crystal's Creations you can purchase that by going to her personal store HERE, or at any of the stores she sells at.  Check out her blog  HERE too!
I used a FTU template by Dee that you can get HERE
and I also used a FTU mask 64 by Simone which is in an AWESOME pack of masks HERE, thanks Creative Misfits  ♥
 Ok, let's get started!
1.  Open the template, remove all wording layers.  Then remove the top white squares and top blue squares layers. 
2.  Drag and drop the following papers from the kit into the canvas, then right click in the layers box and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL to each:
 Paper 11
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 6
Paper 4
Paper 3- duplicate
Paper 11 is going to be your new mask, which we will cover on the next step, so for now, click the eye on it to make it invisible... We are going to be cutting some of these papers into the layers of the template. First, right click on the white square layer of template within the layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, then up to SELECT>GROW by 4.  Click on the paper 1 layer in layers box to make it active, then to EDIT>CLEAR.  Right click on the blue oval in template, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT> INVERT, click on paper 2 layer to activate, EDIT>CLEAR.  Right click on small blue circle in layers box ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT, click on paper 6 layer to activate, EDIT>CLEAR.  Right click on blue strip in template, SELECT>SHRINK by 2 then make paper 4 active and EDIT>CLEAR.  Right click on bottom blue squares, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT, click on paper 3 to activate, EDIT>CLEAR.  Make the copy of paper 3 invisible for now. 
3.  Ok, for the mask, just drag it into the canvas then position one side so you can see it over the top right of the template, then duplicate and go to LAYER>TRANSFORM and rotate 180.  Position the copy to the bottom left side.  then using the free select tool, draw a diagonal line from upper left corner of tag to bottom right corner and make a triangle over the whole upper right portion of the canvas, covering that side of the mask copy.  EDIT>CLEAR.  Merge the two masks together by right clicking and MERGE DOWN.  Go to COLORS>INVERT then to LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  It should be transparent, so right click and ALPHA TO SELECTION, click on paper 11 to activate and SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. Paper 11 is now the mask, so you can delete the original mask layer.
4.  Add your tube of choice, I played this one up a bit, I hope you understand what all I did lol I am going to try to explain it carefully... with the #2 psd file in the Rock Xmas file- the half body, delete the earring, hair layers, green, red and tattoo as well as the copyright and background layers.   Merge the rest of the tube layers together, duplicate and make the copy invisible for a moment. And then scale down the original by right clicking and SCALE LAYER to  314 x 491.  Add drop shadow, FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW settings at 4/4/9.  Merge down into drop shadow.  Add the #3 psd file- the close up file now. Again, deleting the same layers. Duplicate and make copy invisible for a moment. COLORS>DESATURATE on original.  Position as shown, right click on paper 6 and ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>INVERT and click on desaturated tube layer to activate, EDIT CLEAR. Now make the half body visible again and duplicate, and scale the duplicate down to 314 x 491 then position in front of the white squares... you will need 4 total copies for this. The face for first,  boobs for second, hand for third and the 4th the mouth.  ALPHA TO SELECTION and EDIT>CLEAR each layer.  With the larger half body that hasn't been made into layers of the template yet, desaturate and duplicate.  Place both on each side of the white square layer.  ALPHA TO SELECTION and EDIT>CLEAR each layer.  Merge these 2 layers together. Make the face tube layer visible again, and place in between the others within the white square layer, following the same steps.  Then go to the MODE option in layers box and choose grain merge.  All the tube layers should be in the right place now.  Make sure that at this time you also include the artist's name, wensite and license number- if applicable- within your tag.  It's also a good idea to save as you go, save as .xcf so you can come back in and make changes per layer at a later time if the need comes up. 
5.  Add the following elements by dragging them into the canvas:
Element 2
Element 3
Element 9
Element 11
Element 32
Scale each one down appropriately. Add drop shadows to elements and layers you wish with the same settings as used before.
6.  I used a font called Angel Toes in black.  I made the copied layer of paper 3 visible then right clicked on the text, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT> GROW by 2, SELECT>INVERT, paper 3 activated and EDIT>CLEAR.  Add a drop shadow. 
7.  Make sure that your background is transparent.  Then use the rectangle select tool to crop inside the canvas to keep all ytou want to keep, and go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save your image as .png and you're done!
Hope you liked this tutorial :)

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