You Can Now Purchase a CU4CU License!

For those who may want to try out my commercial use products with an extended license, I now have a couple different CU4CU License options available for purchase.  CU4CU means that you have the right to create CU items from the designer's templates and CU packs.  Those CU4CU license holders can take the current and future CU creations made by me and create other CU items that can be reoffered and sold for commercial purposes.
There are a few differences between the two licenses that I have available to purchase. 
The Yearly CU4CU License expires 365 days from purchase.  After this date, all CU items used of mine must only be reoffered as personal use, unless they are already CU4CU, of course. 
The Lifetime CU4CU License has no designated expiration.  It also enable the holder to use my templates to create PSP Scripts and resell the PSP Script as commercial use. 
If you are interested in these products, you can find them right now at Twilight Scraps.
Just click HERE to visit my portion of the store.  
Feel free to email me with any concerns.  My email is listed in my right sidebar here on my blog within my Terms of Use.

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