Candy Hearts with Tatyana Haustova Art Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag you'll want the beautiful art by Tatyana Haustova, which you can find and purchase at Artistically Inclined Licensing- http://artisticallyinclinedlicensing.com/AIL/.  You will also need a license to use this art, and display it within your creation.
I am using the new PTU kit called Candy Hearts by Crystal's Creations, you can find her kits at a variety of stores, so just visit her blog to find out more- http://crystalsscrapcreations.blogspot.com/
Get the FTU tag template by Missy #405 here- http://divineintentionz.blogspot.com/
I am using a FTU mask that I got at Creative Misfits by George's Princess HERE
1.  Open new canvas, size 800 x 800.  Then drag and drop the template into the canvas.  Delete the by Missy layer and the stars layer.  Then drag and drop the following papers from the kit into the canvas (right click in layers box and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL per layer):
Paper 3 (will be mask layer)
Paper 4
Paper 5-duplicate
Paper 8- duplicate twice (three total)
2.  Right click on "rounded rectangle2" in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION then left click on paper 4 layer in layers box to activate it.  Go up to SELECT>INVERT and then EDIT>CLEAR.  Now this paper is the template layer so you may delete the original template layer.  Next, R click on "Raster 2 #1" ALPHA TO SELECTION, make paper 5 copy the active layer then up to SELECT>INVERT, EDIT>CLEAR.  Delete original template layer.  R click on "rounded rectangle3" ALPHA TO SELECTION, make paper 5 the active layer then up to SELECT>INVERT, EDIT>CLEAR.  Delete original template layer.   With one of the copies of  Paper 8, go up to COLOR>INVERT to make it black... now repeat above steps with this paper and layer "rounded rectangle."  And with the white/original paper 8, repeat above steps for this paper and layer "rectangle"  all that now should be left of the original template is frame and frame back layers, well with the copy of paper 8, repeat the steps above to make it the layer called frame. 
3. Add the tube of choice, this one comes with several hearts and roses as well as a frame.  I deleted all layers but the full body,  close up and roses2 layer.  Duplicate the close up but make the copy invisible for a moment, we'll work with that next.  For now, position the close up above the frame back layer.  Then right click on frame back and ALPHA TO SELECTION then SELECT INVERT, EDIT CLEAR.  Go up to FILTERS>ARTISTIC and choose Softglow, using the settings shown below and hit OK.
4. Now drag and drop the following elements into kit and scale to:
Element 40- 540 x 518, back layer
Element 2- 379 x 346, place the close up of tube behind, click fuzzy select tool in frame, SELECT>GROW by 2 then left click on tube layer to activate and LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION.  Apply softglow filter as before with same settings to the tube layer.
Element 13- 488 x 191, flip
Element 10- 170 x 149
Element 15
Element 5- 80 x 80
Element 16- 87 x 83
Element 24- 90 x 349
With the roses that were included in tube layers, place in different areas using the rotate tool.  Add drop shadow to all elements by going to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/4
5.  Back to paper 3, move to bottom of layers box, then drag and drop mask "MisfitsChoiceMask2" from GP folder, scale down to 700 x 700 then LAYER>ROTATE by 90 degrees. COLOR>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  Right click on this layer in layers box ALPHA TO SELECTION then L click on paper layer to activate it, go to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR.  The paper is now the mask layer. you may delete original. 
6.  Place full body tube in middle of tag, add drop shadow of 8/8/15.  Add the correct copyright to tag, include copyright symbol, artist's name, website, and license number if applicable.
7.  Add name, I used font called 2Peas Heart's Delight in red, R click, ALPHA TO SELECTION, up to SELECT>GROW by 2, add new layer, fill with white, add drop shadow with pink as the shade and settings at 2/2/4, add noise to red text layer by going to FILTER>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated the only one checked and settings at 20/20/20/0
8.  Save your tag as .xcf so you can come back in and make changes layer per layer if you need to.  When you're satisfied with the creation save as .png
Hope you liked this tut!

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