Cora by 4XD Gimp Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you'll want to get the Cora Fuscia tube set by FourXDesigns, all art by FourXDesigns requires that you have a license and display it within your creation.  Just go here- http://www.fourxdesigns-store.com/ to get the tube and license.
I am using my PTU kit called Sew Me A Garden, which you can find at the stores I sell my Personal Use kits at.  The links to the stores are in the left sidebar of my blog, under the words Buy Here.
I am using a couple FTU masks from http://creativemisfitscreations.blogspot.com you have to look on the blog at all the goodies these awesome misfits put together for everyone!  The links for the masks are HERE (MythMask70 & grungi10) and HERE (DBVMaskstars4).
1.  Open new canvas, size 800 x 800.  Drag and drop the tube of choice into canvas.  I deleted all layers but the FUSCIA w JACKET #1 (full tube) & BUTTONS-FUSCIA layer which is the close-up.  Scale the full tube to 294 x 590, make top layer. Duplicate the close up and flip the copy. 
2.  Drag and drop the mask by Myth into the canvas.  Go up to COLORS>INVERT then LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  Now the mask is just a black mass that's transparent in the middle of the canvas and we want to make the close ups fit within that, so place them both in the mask area, where it looks good.  Then right click on the mask in the layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION to make it have dotted lines march around it.  Then click on one of the close up tube layers in layers box to "activate" the layer... Go up to SELECT>INVERT and then EDIT>CLEAR.  That tube layer will now only be within the mask layer.  Repeat for the other close up tube layer.  Add the mask by Sharon in the Grunge mask download,  repeat-COLORS>INVERT,  LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA, make it invisible for now by clicking on the eye next to layer in layer box (we will work with in step 5).  Also within this step, drag and drop the mask by Vaybs into the canvas, duplicate and flip the copy.  Position the one to the right just slightly lower than one on left.  Repeat the steps to make these transparent also- COLORS>INVERT,  LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  Merge the two layers together when it looks right by right clicking and choosing MERGE DOWN.  Make this the bottom layer in layers box.
3.  Drag and drop the following papers into canvas (right click within layers box on each paper layer and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL):
Paper 3- will be new mask layer (step 5)
Paper 8- 500 x 500
Paper 11- scale to 400 x 150 (will be used in text layer)
Paper 12- will be new mask layer (step 5)
4.  Drag and drop the following elements into the canvas:
Element 53- right click ALPHA TO SELECTION, make paper 8 active, SELECT>INVERT, EDIT CLEAR.  Add noise- FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE just click OK.  Delete Element 53, as the paper 8 takes it's place.  Rotate to left 24 degrees.  Duplicate and flip copy.  Place on both sides.
Element 45, duplicate, LAYER>TRANSFORM, rotate 180 degrees
Element 46
Element 23- 283 x 459, flip
Element 1- 157 x 188
Element 29- 175 x 105, flip
Element 20- 137 x 137
Element 28- 75 x 67, duplicate, flip
Element 2- 199 x 104, flip
Element 8- 92 x 92
Element 10- 93 x 93
Element 35- 79 x 126, flip
5.  With the stars mask by Vaybs that you used in step 2, right click and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION in layers box.  Make the paper 3 layer the activated layer by just left clicking once on it in layers box.  Then go up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT> CLEAR.  Paper 3 is now the mask layer.  You can delete the original...  Let's do this again, with the mask by Sharon, make it visible, right click ALPHA TO SELECTION, make paper 12 layer active, SELECT>INVERT, EDIT>CLEAR.  Place this layer to be the next under the mask by Myth. 
6.  Add drop shadows by going to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW tube drop shadow settings at 8/8/15, others set at 2/2/15 or 2/2/4. 
7.  At this time, display the correct copyright information in the tag by adding a copyright symbol ©, artist's name, website and your license number if applicable.  Make sure it is clearly legible.  Then you can save your tag as .xcf, which keeps it layer by layer.  That way if you need to make a change it is easily able to change whatever layer you need to change.
8.  For the text, I used a font called Seriously Medium in white size 63.  Right click on the text layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, left click once on the paper 11 layer to activate it, then go up to SELECT>GROW by 4 then EDIT>CLEAR.  SELECT>NONE.  Right click on the paper layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 4, add new transparent layer.  Use color picker tool to get shade from jacket.  Fill the new layer with this shade.  Go to FOLTERS>BLUR>GAUSSIAN BLUR and set at 20/20 with RLE checked. Now add noise to this layer with same settings you used before.  
9.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop around the canvas, keeping all work inside.  Then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION... save your final as .png when you're satisfied. 
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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