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CU Animal Pattern Papers & FREEBIE

I made several different background papers over the last few months and somebody said they were needing one, so I decided it'd be best to pack up everything and offer it to you all.  They're all tagger sized.  The image above is a pack of 4 greyscaled animal patterned papers and 4 colored (pink, purple. red and turquoise) papers, which you can find in stores that I sell my CU stuff at. 
Below is the preview of the freebie I have for you.  It's a greyscaled seamless animal print paper with a red one too.  You can download your copy of this file HERE.  Do not claim as your own, do not reoffer or share, just direct people who'd like this also right here to the blog post to download it for themselves, please. 


Sorry! Out of Bandwidth... Getting that fixed!

I am trying to resolve the issues with the bandwidth problems that some viewers have recently encountered when downloading my freebies.  I'm working on all my FTU kits to be restored first, then will work on all the CU freebies. Thank you very much for the patience :)



Here's what you need to make this tag-
Tube by Charles Bristow, which is sold at Artistically Inclined Licensing.  You must have a license to use the art and also have it clearly legible within your creation.  You can get both the license and the tube here-
I am using a fun, FTU kit by Punky Butts called Irish Pride.  You can find it HERE TYSM for the great kit! 
Template by Vicky (cm-shamrock temp) you can get at
I am using a mask by Vicky also (lucky mask.jpg) you can find it on her blog HERE

Let's get started...
1. Open new, 600 x 600.  Click and drag tube of choice into the canvas.  Add in copyright symbol, artist's name and URL as well as license if applicable. 
2.  Click and drag PSD template file into canvas.  Delete copyright layer, Shape 5 copy 3 and Raster 5 layer.  Link every layer of template in layers box together.  Then click on top layer of template in layers box(shape 1) to activate, go over to the tools and click on Scale Tool and scale it down to 173 x 184.  Everything else should scale down accordingly. 
3.  Click and drag the following into the canvas from the scrapkit (right click on paper layers in layer box and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL):
PAPERS- what layer
Paper 5- duplicate to make 3 total, Original- will be mask (STEP 5).  For the first copy layer, R click shape 5 copy 3 template layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, L click on paper layer in layers box to activate layer, then go up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR. For the last copied paper, repeat steps on shape 4 of template.  Delete original template layer.
Paper 6- duplicate to make 3 total, Original- R click shape 5 template layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, L click on paper layer in layers box to activate layer, then go up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Repeat the same steps with the frame layer of template and the first copied layer of paper.  Repeat once more with shape 1 layer of template and the last copied layer of paper.  Delete original template layer.
Paper 10- duplicate to make 2 total, Original- R click layer 9 template layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, L click on paper layer in layers box to activate layer, then go up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Copied paper- repeat but with shape 6 of template.  Delete original template layer.
ELEMENTS- scale to
glitter 1- 478 x 155, duplicate to make 3 total.  Flip and move slightly up. On the 2nd copy, duplicate and rescale that to 459 x 149 
sparkles 1- 537 x 408
sparkles 2- 278 x 151, duplicate move to each side
rainbow 2- 293 x 283
mushrooms- 276 x 187
pot of gold- 84 x 65
3.  Using the color pick tool, choose a purple shade off the tube. Right click on layer 8 of template ALPHA TO SELECTION, add a new transparent layer and fill with the purple shade.  Repeat with layer 6.  Delete original template layer. 
4.   Add drop shadow to elements and tube.  Go to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/6 for elements, and template layers.  Use settings at 8/8/15 for the tube layer.
5.  For mask, use paper 5.  Click and drag mask into canvas, scale to 470 x 470.  While mask layer is the active layer, flip it, then go up to COLORS>INVERT and TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  Right click on mask layer, ALPHA TO SELECTION, activate paper layer, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Delete original mask layer.
6.  For the text, I used a font called Hello Again in the same purple shade used prior, right click ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 2, make foreground color white and background color marigold hue.  Use the blend tool with linear as the shape, add a new layer and drag upwards.  This sometimes takes a few tries.  Add noise to this layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 and correlated checked only.  Add drop shadow to this at 2/2/6.
7.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop your tag, make selection then IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save as .xcf so you can come back and make changes layer per layer.  When satisfied with tag save .png
Thanks for looking!


Sexy Drink by Ismael Rac Showoff

Here is a soon to be released tube by Ismael Rac, you need a license to use his art and you can get both the art and license at his store-
I also wanted to tell you that I am using the FTU kit called Shamrock by Creative Scraps by Crys in this tag! 


And The Winners Of The Feb Facebook Cover Contest Are...

Congrats to Jessica for taking first place!  She has won $10 worth of my PTU designs and a tube from!  Jodie has won second place- $5 worth of my PTU designs and QTagsbySuzieQ has won one of my PTU designs! And for every person that entered my contest, they are getting something special for entering.  I love everything that was submitted, THANKS SO MUCH TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED!!!  ♥ I am not wasting any time on using the Facebook covers either, I have one of the winner's up right now!  Come over to Facebook and check out all the entries HERE :)


Eternal Love with Tony T

For this tag you will want to get the amazing art of Tony T!  This was my very first purchase of his, I couldn't resist this tube, she's a hottie lol!  Using Tony T art requires that you have a license and display it within your creation.  You can go to his website and get everything you need-
I am using a new PTU kit by my friend Crys, called Eternity In Darkness.  She has tons of gorgeous kits, and this one is one I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.  I think there's lots of tags gonna be made with it in the future :)   Head to her blog to see all her stuff and where to buy-
Go over to Creative Misfits and grab the FTU packs of masks- Sharon in the Grunge 34 pack and from Melissa in the 2013 Love/Valentines pack
1.  Open Gimp, drag and drop tube into canvas,  flip. Add copyright layer including copyright symbol, artist's name, website and your license number, if applicable.  Name this layer credit so you keep track of it.  Duplicate tube, flip and scale copy to 238 x 579.  This will be on right side of tag.
2.  Drag and drop the following from kit into canvas, and scale to (don't' forget to R click in layers box on each paper layer and choose ADD ALPHA CHANNEL):
Paper 6 (will be mask)
Paper4 (will be mask)
Paper 7 (inside frame)
Paper 11 (name)
Frame 2
Element 28, duplicate, LAYER>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 180
Element 48
Element 1- 173 x 173
Element 35- 414 x 267
Element 38- 134 x 125, duplicate scale copy to 82 x 76 and flip, move to right side of tag.
Element 49 rotate 11 degrees
Element 9- 110 x 139, use eraser tool to erase right blood, then make 2 copies and place behind the hearts (element 40)
Element 22- 624 x 291
Element 39- 129 x 137, duplicate and flip. Move copy to right side of tag.
Element 8- 140 x 295
Element 33- 158 x 94
Element 40- 156 x 172
3.  Add drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 8/8/15 black for tube and frame.  For elements on left side of tag, use settings at -3/3/6 and on right side 3/3/6.
4.  Using a font called Eight Fifteen, I wrote Eternal Love, R clicked on this layer in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION, up to SELECT>SHRINK by 1 and then SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  I then used the rotate tool to angle it slightly downward to the left.  I added a drop shadow with settings at 8/8/8.
5.  Use the fuzzy select tool, click within the frame layer.  Go to SELECT>GROW by 4, then click on paper 7 in layers box to activate it.  SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Now  keep the large tube layer within it also and do the same thing.  After you have it right, go to COLORS>DESATURATE then in the mode selection at the top of the layer box, choose HARD LIGHT.  Merge the two together, tube with paper.
6.  Drag and drop the mask by Sharon into canvas (name of it is grungi10.jpg).  COLORS>INVERT, LAYERS>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA.  R click on mask in layers box, ALPHA TO SELECTION then click on paper 4 to activate it.  Up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  The paper is now the mask so you can delete the original mask layer.  Repeat these steps with the mask by Melissa (name of it is MC_CCExcl_HeartMask5.jpg) but with paper 6.
7.  Again, I used the font as in step 4.  I wrote out the name in a red tone.  Then I right clicked on this layer in the layers box and chose ALPHA TO SELECTION, clicked on paper 11 to activate, then SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  I moved this layer over to the right just a little. Add a drop shadow with grey as the color with settings at 0/0/20.  Add noise to the red text layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated the only one checked and levels at 20/20/20/0.
8.  Use the rectangle tool to crop your tag, keeping only the tag in it, go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION. 
9.  Save as .xcf first then save as .png when you're satisfied. 
Thanks for stopping by :)


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