Bad Ass Punk- Justice Howard Gimp Tag Tutorial

Here's a tag I made with the art of Justice Howard, you must have a license number to use his art and both the tubes and license can be found by going to Artistically Inclined Licensing
I used a PTU kit called Atomic Punk which was designed by Crystal's Creations- http://crystalsscrapcreations.blogspot.com/
I used 2 FTU masks, mask 18 by Brutal Designs and MythMask70 which can be found at Creative Misfits HERE.
Let's get started.
1.  Open up a new canvas, size 800 x 800.  Drag and drop the following from the kit into the canvas, R click on each paper layer first in layers box and ADD ALPHA CHANNEL:
Paper 6 (MythMask70 instructions as described below)
Paper 1, duplicate (mask 18 instructions as described below)
Paper 5 scale to 300 x 300
Paper 12
2.  To change the masks out for the paper this is what you do- make sure the mask layer you're working on is the one that is activated within the layers box by just L clicking on the layer in the layers box then go to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make the mask transparent.  For MythMask70 you will want to scale it to 700 x 400.  For mask 18 you will want to scale it to 455 x 456, then duplicate and use the flip tool to flip the copy.  Next, you right click on the mask and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then activate the paper layer in the layers box for that mask (as I illustrated above).  Go up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Once the paper is the mask, you can delete the original masks. 
3.  Drag and drop the following from the kit into the canvas, scale and place appropriately:
element 2
element 18
element 3
element 1
element 4
element 10
element 8
element 11
element 25
element 33
Add drop shadow by going to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 2/2/6
4.  Add tube of choice to tag, place between the drop shadow of element 18 and paper 12.  At this time include the copyright symbol, artist's name and website and license number, if applicable.  I used this tube at full size and duplicated it so there were a total of 3 layers of it.  I placed them then used the fuzzy select tool, just click within the inner portion of the frame where you're working and held down shift to click the other side of the inner portion of the frame so both were selected... Then go to SELECT>GROW by 4, activate the tube layer, SELECT>INVERT and EDIT CLEAR.  For the center, I scaled it down so most of it would fit in the frame and repeated with the fuzzy select tool... Add drop shadow to your tube layers.  Repeat these steps with the fuzzy select tool to crop the papers 12 and 5 to be inside of the frame as well.
5.  I used a font called AngsanaUPC in pink, right click ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>GROW by 2, add new layer and fill it with white.  Add drop shadow.  Add noise to pink text layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated the only box checked and settings at 20/20/20/0.  I also made a text in a shade of neon green behind these layers using a font called Chaos Times Light.
6.  Remove the background white layer so your tag is transparent.  Save as .xcf first so you can go in layer by layer to make adjustments if need arises.  When satisfied, save your tag as .png and you're done!
Thanks for checking out this tutorial :)

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