Renovate for Rylie

A friend of mine has 3 small children and has recently found out that they have lead in their home.  They're doing everything they can to get the lead out, as their children have already began to show symptoms of lead poisoning.  The city is only able to help so much and they're calling on you for help.  Any donation to help them renovate their home to make it a safe place will help.  I have made an advertisement size 300x250 that you are more than welcome to put on your blog or website to help this family out.  For blogger, all you do is go to your blog layout, add a gadget, choose HTML/javascript and place this link into the content box and save it.  Or you can repost this but making a new post and when you're ready to put the code in, click the HTML button next to Compose and paste it in.  The HTML link is-
<a href="https://www.wepay.com/donations/190305
"><img src="http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad248/iloveluci09/Renovate%20for%20Rylie%20Ads/300x250WebAd1R4R_zpsc5d43b41.jpg" /></a>


Below I have shown the ad. 
Thanks for helping, they're a great family and deserve to be healthy and safe!

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