Summer Sweety Gimp Tutorial

What you will want to have to make this:
I use Gimp but you can use any program you like!
New tube by Roman Zaric called Sweety you can find this tube and many others at his store here-  http://romanzarictubes.com/store/ You must have a license to use his art and that can also be found by visiting his store and clicking the link LICENSE REQUEST.
FTU (full-size) kit called For My Mom here- http://collabgirls.blogspot.com, beautiful kit, THANK YOU!
FTU Soft Masks by Dee here- http://deessigndepot.blogspot.com/
1.  Open new canvas size 800 x 800.  Then drag and drop the tube of choice into the canvas.  Scale so it fits within walls- 742 x 782.  Add the correct copyright info, artist's name, website, and license number, if applicable.
2.  Add the mask "DD_SM_5.jpg"  Go up to LAYER>TRANSFORM 180 degrees then to COLORS>INVERT and LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make the mask transparent. 
3.  Drag and drop the following into the canvas:
CGformymombyMarbellapaper3.jpg- scale to 700 x 700 (mask- R click mask, ALPHA TO SELECTION, L click paper layer to activate layer within the layers box, up to SELECT>INVERT and EDIT>CLEAR.  Paper is now mask, you may delete original mask.
CGformymombyZuzkaRpaper1.jpg- scale to 400 x 400
CGformymombyMata77element4.png- scale to 458 x 458
CGformymombyZuzkaRelement2.png- scale to 150 x 225
CGformymombyZuzkaRelement4.png- scale to 500 x 500
CGformymombyZuzkaRelement9.png- scale to 300 x 225
CGformymombyZuzkaRelement20.png- scale to 500 x 500
 CGformymombyMata77element1.png- scale to 600 x 600
4.  Using the fuzzy select tool, click within the circle frame and a circle shape that's blinking should appear.  Go up to SELECT>GROW by 4 then SELECT>INVERT and then click on the eraser tool just to erase the very bottom portion of the tube.  You can also use the rectangle select tool and go up to LAYER>CROP TO SLECTION then erase parts of the tube after that stick out.  Now, move the frame above the tube layer.  Add drop shadow to the frame by going to FILTERS>LIGHT & SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at default- 8/8/15  Merge frame down with shadow by R clicking and Merge Down.  Duplicate the frame.  Now using the rectangle select tool, crop around the bottom part of the frame, LAYER>CROP TO SELECTION.  Move this layer up so it is above the tube layer but below the element (flower, leaves) layers.  Use the eraser tool to erase any extra parts of the frame sticking out.
5.  Add same shadow to the tube and merge together.  For the shadows on elements, use settings at 2/2/6
6.  I used a font called Felix Titling in a mauve shade.  ALPHA TO SELECTION, GROW by 2, add new layer and fill with a light brown shade.  Duplicate and add noise to top brown layer by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with correlated checked only and settings at 20/20/20/75.  Add drop shadow with same settings as you did with the elements prior. 
7.  Use the rectangle select tool to crop your tag, just form a square around the perimeters of the layers of the tag then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Delete the background white layer to make tag transparent then save as .xcf  so you can come back in layer by layer to make changes.  When satisfied, save as .png
Thanks for viewing!  Hope you like my tutorial! 

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  1. Hello Annaica, this looks like a gorgeous tag, but there needs to be a password to download this kit, would YOU know what it is, she doesn't make it obvious on her blog. Thanks hon.