Blooming Time Animated Gimp Tutorial

Here's a tag I made with the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott, called One Day at a Time.  You can no longer find Gorjuss Girls PSP tubes but you can check out the other merchandise available with Gorjuss Girls here- http://www.santoro-london.com/shop/gorjuss/
I used a very pretty pastel colored PTU kit called Blooming Love by my friend Crys.  You can find all her scraps and things on her blog- http://sinfullycreativescraps.blogspot.com/
I also used a FTU mask "MythMask36" from Creative Misfits Creations HERE
Follow the steps below to make this tag :)

1. Open program of choice.  I use Gimp version 2.8 and LOVE it! FILE>NEW sized at 900 x 900, leave the background white. 
2. Drag and drop the following from the kit into the canvas, scale to:
Paper 3 (R click in layers ADD ALPHA CHANNEL)
Paper 11 (same as above)
Element 24-duplicate and flip copy
Element 40-292x261, duplicate, rotate copy 112 degrees merge two layers together
Element 46-208x190 duplicate and flip copy
Frame 5
Element 9-136x412
Element 49-414x170
Element 38-87x88
Element 10-276x97
Arrange all layers as shown.  With paper 11, you will need to click on the fuzzy select tool and click inside of the frame layer while the frame layer is the active layer in the layers box.  To activate it, all you do is L click one time on that layer in the layers box.  Now once the selection is made, go to SELECT>GROW by 3 then SELECT>INVERT and activate the paper layer in layers box, then hit the DELETE button on keyboard.  The paper is now inside of the frame.  Just place this paper layer under the frame layer in the layers box, if it isn't under it already.
3. Add tube of choice.  To get the effect like I did with the paper, all you do is go up to COLOR>DESATURATE then in the MODE box at the top right corner of the layers box, choose OVERLAY.  At this time, remember to include all the correct copyrights to the tube you are using, including the copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable.  This information must be clearly legible.
4.  Add drop shadows to all the layers except Elements 40 and 24.  Go up to FILTERS>LIGHT AND SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3/3/7.  For tube layer try a softer shadow with settings at 1/1/17
5.  Drag and drop the mask into the canvas.  Scale it to 558x442 and place on LEFT side of tag.  Go to COLOR>INVERT then to COLOR>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA to make it transparent.  Duplicate and place the copy on the right side of tag.  R click an merge down (the two layers together).  R click on the mask layer in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION then L click once on the Paper 3 layer to activate the layer.  Go to SELECT>INVERT then hit DELETE on the keyboard.  The mask is now the paper/the paper is now the mask, so delete the original mask layer. 
6.  I used a font called Hello Again, using colors from the kit.  Use the color picker tool to get the colors off the element layers.  You will need to make a text selection PER LETTER to make every layer the color you have picked.  Depending on many letters in your name, you will have that many layers.  For annaica, there are 7 layers.  When you get all the letters typed out in the colors you have picked, merge all the letter layers together by R clicking and merge down, repeat until all letter layers are merged.  R click on this layer and go to SELECT>GROW by 2, add a new transparent layer and fill with white.  Add a drop shadow with settings at 2/2/3.
7.  Using the rectangle select tool, make a selection around your tag making sure that there are no drop shadows or elements sticking outside of the selection.  Then go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save your tag at this time as .xcf so you can come back and make changes at anytime. 
8. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU'RE SKIPPING ANIMATION-  if you prefer to skip the animation, you can add noise to the colorful text layer you created by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings at 20/20/20/0 with correlated the only box checked.  Delete the white background layer.  Save (export in 2.8) the finished tag as .png
9.  ONLY CONTINUE IF YOU'RE ANIMATING THE TAG- click on the eye next to the colorful text layer you've created to make this layer invisible.  Delete the white background layer.  R click on any layer in the layers box and choose MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS. 
10. You should have 2 layers.  Make the text layer visible again.  Duplicate this layer so there's a total of 3 text layers.  Duplicate the other layer (tag background) so there's a total of 3 layers for that as well.  This makes a total of 6 layers.  Alternate the layers so it's text layer on top, next layer is tag back, next layer is text, tag back, text, tag back. 
11. R click on the top text layer and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION.  Go up to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings on Correlated only and 20/20/20/0.  L click once on the next text layer in the layers box and repeat the noise.  L click once on the final text layer and repeat noise.  SELECT>NONE.
12. R click and merge the layers together, two by two.  Top two together, middle two together and bottom two together.  There should now be a total of 3 layers.  Make sure white is your background color in tool box then R click on each of the layers and REMOVE ALPHA CHANNEL. 
13.  Save your tag (export in 2.8) as .gif.  A pop up box will come up asking you what you want to do exactly.  I have provided a photo to guide you with this pop up box.
When you have it filled out, hit export.  If another window comes up hit OK. 
There ya go- you have made yourself a cool animated tag!
I hope you liked this tutorial!  Thanks so much for checking it out :)

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