Flower Garden Forum Set Tutorial with Jason Lan Art

For this you will want to get the PTU tagger scrap kit called My Flower Garden by Crystal's Creations HERE.
You will want the tube called Helen of Troy by Jason Lan which is sold at Artistically Inclined Licensing HERE.  You need to have a license to use this art and have it displayed in your creation.
I use Gimp 2.8 which is a free program (see left sidebar for link to download Gimp) but any version will work, and you can easily configure this to your program of choice.

Let's get started.
1.  Open a new canvas size 600x250. Drag and drop the following papers into the canvas (R click ADD ALPHA CHANNEL to each paper layer):
Paper 2- scale to 650x200.  R click ALPHA TO SELECTION, SELECT>SHRINK by 9. Hit DELETE on keyboard.  Move this layer to top.
Paper 11- scale to 650x650
2.  Drag and drop tube of choice into the canvas.  Keep tube with pillow (scale to 369x332) and close up layer.  Place accordingly.  While close up is active in layers box, go to top of layers box, MODE to OVERLAY. Add correct and current copyright to tag- copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number if applicable. Add drop shadow to tube with pillow FILTERS>LIGHT&SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings a 0/1/10
3.  Drag and drop the following elements from kit, scale and place appropriately:
ELEMENT 35- duplicate, 133x73
ELEMENT 41- 355x81 *
ELEMENT 22- duplicate, 41x152
ELEMENT 5- duplicate twice so there's 3 total, 400x82
ELEMENT 7- 159x173 *
ELEMENT 2- duplicate, 36x79
ELEMENT 34-101x179 *
ELEMENT 43- 40x91
ELEMENT 36- 46x84
ELEMENT 31- duplicate, 218x110
ELEMENT 30- duplicate, 30x44
ELEMENT 1- 92x71 *
ELEMENT 8- 51x51 *
ELEMENT 20- 32x32
Add drop shadows to the layers that have asterisks (*) with settings at 1/1/1.
4.  I am using a font called Vaguely Fatal in white then just adding a drop shadow with prior settings.
5.  On the original background layer, R click ALPHA TO SELECTION, go up to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Save as .xcf so you can come back in layer by layer to make changes.  When satisfied save as .png
6.  To make the avatar, add a new white layer size 200x200 to the canvas and move it to upper right corner of the tag.  Move the full tube over so it is within this white square.  Add in copyrights (for avatar only copyright symbol, artists name and license is required).  R click on the white layer you added, ALPHA TO SELECTION then to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Then drag and drop Paper 1 into canvas and scale it to 200x200.  R click on this paper layer ALPHA TO SELECTION up to SELECT>SHRINK by 6 then hit DELETE on keyboard.  SELECT>NONE.  Using the same font, type in letter and add drop shadow again with the same settings.  Save as .xcf and when satisfied save as .png

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, thanks for looking!
PS- you can find avatar snags of this on my Facebook page HERE :)

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