FourXDesigns "Molly" and Love Isn't Colorblind Tag Tutorial

For this tag, you will want to use the scrapkit by me called Love Isn't Colorblind, which you can find in stores I sell at.  Look on the left column of my blog for links :)
You will want the new Molly tube by FourXDesigns, using art by FourXDesigns requires you to have a license and for it to be clearly legible in the finished tag. You can get both the tube and license here- https://www.fourxdesigns-store.com
I am using a freebie template by Millie which is on Creative Misfits Creations HERE
I am using freebie mask "MisfitsChoiceMask1" by George's Princess which is on Creative Misfits Creations HERE.

Let's get started!
1.  Open up the template, delete credit layer.
2.  Drag and drop the following papers from kit into the canvas (R click on each paper layer in layers box and choose ALPHA TO SELECTION):
PAPER 1- 508x508, duplicate, one is going to be the mask at bottom of layers box.
For PAPER 10, place above layer 1 of template.  R click on layer 1 ALPHA TO SELECTION, up to SELECT>INVERT and L click once on PAPER 10 in layers box to activate the layer, then hit DELETE on keyboard.  Repeat these steps with PAPER 1 & layer 4, PAPER 11 & layer 8, PAPER 5 & layer 9.  Delete layer 9.  For layer 8, R click ALPHA TO SELECTION up to SELECT>SHRINK by 8 hit DELETE.  Shrink layer 8, 4 and 1 all in the same manner.  Then bring these layers each up one layer above the paper layers to basically "frame the papers." Add noise to the template layers we just changed by going to FILTERS>NOISE>RGB NOISE with settings on correlated only and 20/20/20/0. Add drop shadows to the layers we just changed by going to FILTERS>LIGHT& SHADOW>DROP SHADOW with settings at 3/3/9. Also add noise and drop shadow to layer 10.
3.  R click on layer 6 and MERGE DOWN to layer 5.  Duplicate.  R click ALPHA TO SELECTION then to SELECT>SHRINK by 4.  Add noise to copy of layer 5.  While layer 5 is activated, go to COLORS>DESATURATE, then to COLORS>BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST and slide both sliders to right.  Layer 5 is now white.  Move layer 7 of template to the bottom of the layers box, above the background layer.  R click ALPHA TO SELECTION, SEELCT>SHRINK by 4 and hit DELETE.  Add noise.  
4.  Drag and drop tube of choice into the canvas.  Place full body tube to right.  Using the close up layer (I chose white shirt) make two duplicates of this layer and click on the eye next to the layers you just duplicated in layers box to make them invisible because we will work with that next. For now, place the visible close up layer above the template layer 5 top, R click on template layer ALPHA TO SELECTION to help you line it up.  Make a duplicate layer of the close up tube and then use the flip tool.  Place this layer above template layer 5 bottom.  Once they're positioned right, R click on the close up tube layer that is on top and MERGE DOWN.  Then while the template layer 5 is still selected, go to SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE on keyboard to delete the excess tube that sticks out from the circumference of the template layer.  FILTERS>ARTISTIC>SOFT GLOW then slide the opacity in the layers box to 60.  Click the eye to make the close up layers visible again, scale to 299x350 and place above PAPER 5 layer on the left side. Place the full close up layer on right side above PAPER 5 layer.  Merge these layers together then in the MODE box at top of layers box choose grain merge.  Add drop shadow to paper 5 layer with settings at 0/0/15.  Add drop shadow to the full body tube with setting at 4/4/15.  ADD COPYRIGHT INFO including copyright symbol, artist's name, website and license number when applicable. 
5.  For layers 2 and 3 of the template go to COLORS>INVERT.
6.  Drag and drop the following elements from the kit into the canvas, scale and place appropriately:
ELEMENT 37 LAYER>TRANSFORM>ROTATE CLOCKWISE- 225x429, duplicate flip to other side.
ELEMENT 26- 168x168, duplicate flip to bottom. Duplicate, flip to right side.
ELEMENT 9- 447x81, duplicate flip copy, merge two together, duplicate and place above.  Merge again.  Duplicate and place above.
ELEMENT 30- 44x45, duplicate flip and behind layer 3 *
ELEMENT 28, duplicate LAYER>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 180 degrees
ELEMENT 29- 167x172 *
ELEMENT 10- 75x148 *
ELEMENT 17- 99x58 *
ELEMENT 14- 55x82 *
Add drop shadow to elements with asterisk with settings at 2/2/6.
7.  Drag and drop mask 510x510, COLORS>INVERT, LAYER>TRANSPARENCY>COLOR TO ALPHA, then R click on mask in layers box ALPHA TO SELECTION.  L clikc on paper 1 layer to activate, SELECT>INVERT and hit DELETE.  Paper is now mask so delete the original mask.
8.  Using the rectangle select tool, crop around the perimeter of tag, keeping your work inside the selection.  Go to IMAGE>CROP TO SELECTION.  Delete white background layer.
9.  I am using a font called Vanessa Marie in white.  R click ALPHA TO SELECTION, add new transparent layer, click on blend tool, choose full saturation spectrum on linear, drag from left of text to right and let go.  Add noise to this layer, and drop shadow at settings 1/1/1.
10.  Save tag as .xcf so you can make changes per layer if need be, when satisfied save as .png

Thanks for checking out my tag and tutorial :)

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